Community Benefit

community-benefit-report-2017_Page_01-(2).jpgNorthern Light Health hospitals provide a wide range of free or reduced cost programs and services to those who are sick, injured, or disabled. In addition, a vital role of Northern Light Health member organizations is to assess community needs and improve population health through prevention efforts.

Community benefits are provided via a broad range of community health improvement efforts. They are programs, services, and investments designed to improve the health of our communities and increase access to healthcare in response to identified community health needs.

Community benefits are designed to:

  • Improve access to healthcare services

  • Enhance the health of the community

  • Advance medical or healthcare knowledge

  • Relieve or reduce the burden of government

  • or other community efforts

Community benefit activities are integral to the mission of Northern Light Health and are the basis of tax exemption. While often unnoticed, Northern Light Health contributions improve population health and promote wellness for all who live, play, learn, and work in our communities.

Read more how our Community Benefit Report highlights the Northern Light Health commitment to community improvement by quantifying the value of programs, services, and charitable care provided.