Transforming Diabetes Care: Using Technology to Improve Your Health

Do you or a loved one have diabetes? The burden of diabetes can be challenging, but there is help!

It’s an exciting time to be working in the diabetes field according to Dominique Uva, a highly skilled nurse practitioner with Northern Light Endocrinology and Diabetes Care in Waterville. She has extensive expertise in diabetes care from the acclaimed Joslin Diabetes Center in New York.

Dominique says there have been advances made in the world of diabetes and she is eager to share them with patients. “There are so many newer drugs available that can help with weight and glucose control in addition to technology and devices to simplify diabetes management,” she notes. “While there is no cure for diabetes, scientists and engineers are hard at work to make managing diabetes easier.”

She continues, “There is innovative technology today that can help patients manage their diabetes and improve their blood glucose in real time. Continuous glucose monitors, insulin smart pens, insulin patches, and new insulin pump technology can help patients meet their glycemic goals and help prevent complications of diabetes, which can include cardiac disease, kidney disease, loss of vision, and chronic wounds and infections.”

Continuous glucose monitoring is an option for many patients to help ease the burden of diabetes, help them become more engaged with their diabetes care, and make better choices in real time. “Patients come to appointments and tell me how they enjoy watching how different foods affect their blood glucose levels. The continuous glucose monitoring helps them make healthier choices which, over time, improves their blood glucose and overall control. It’s very rewarding for me to see patients coming in excited and engaged.”

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