Continued Support of Roux Institute's Future of Healthcare Founder Residency

Date: 05/08/2024

Tim-Dentry-and-Roux-Residency-Cohort-Year-2-(1).jpgThe Roux Institute’s Future of Healthcare Founder Residency welcomed its second cohort of health tech innovators at an official kickoff event on Thursday, April 25 in Portland. It was followed by the tech innovators travelling to the Bangor area and visiting with Northern Light Health leaders on May 1. 

The Roux Institute at Northeastern University hosts a variety of entrepreneurship programs dedicated to advancing Maine's industry and economy. Among them is the Future of Healthcare Founder Residency, a specialized program focusing on healthcare innovations. Developed in collaboration with Northern Light Health and MaineHealth, Maine's largest healthcare providers, startups participating in the program will receive valuable insights and guidance from these industry leaders as they refine their innovations. Additionally, the Maine Venture Fund, another key investor, offers expertise in fundraising and investor relations. 

At the kickoff event, representatives from each major partner articulated their motivations for engaging with the program. 

Hugh Jones, chief strategy officer of Northern Light Health, remarked how important it is that the program brings in fresh perspective and enthusiasm to an industry that’s known to have no shortage of challenges. These startups “infuse new energy into the pursuit of improving healthcare or, as we like to say, making healthcare work for you,” Jones said. 

The Future of Healthcare 2024 cohort, whose founders came to Maine from all over the U.S. and Canada to pursue their groundbreaking healthcare ideas, are:

  • Coredio (Mountain View, CA): Providing a SaaS platform and algorithms for heart failure detection and management.  

  • EmpoweRx Inc. (Nashville, TN): Powering the future of healthcare staffing with entrepreneurship and technology.  

  • Health for Mankind Company (Portland, ME): Developing Diabimetrics, an AI-powered, cost-effective diabetes management tool tailored for minorities, blending technology and culture for better health.  

  • HUB Healthcare (Raleigh, NC): Connecting everyone so health teams can deliver better care, faster.  
  • Legacy (San Diego, CA): Automating advance care planning for better patient outcomes.  

  • Metis Health Technology (Silver Spring, MD): Advancing healthcare alignment for better outcomes, beginning with foundational measurement.  

  • Novobeing (Wakefield, MA): Leveraging virtual and mixed reality technologies to reduce stress and anxiety with clinically validated interventions and interactive environments.  

  • OPTT Health (New York, NY): Leveraging AI to support mental health care teams in delivering personalized, data-driven, and evidence-based care to patients.  

  • Parrots Medical Assistive AI (Boston, MA): Leveraging advanced AI and machine learning technologies to develop an intuitive platform that enhances communication and cognitive support for individuals with neurological disorders.  

  • Valhalla Healthcare (Houston, TX): Streamlining medical office operations with an AI-powered infrastructure.  

The visit to Northern Light Health allowed Northern Light Health leaders to meet and learn more about each innovator, while the innovators were able to gain insights into the range of opportunities to learn are offered through Northern Light Health’s staff, programs, and facilities. The energy was terrific and there was a sense of optimism and enthusiasm for what the year will bring to both partners. 

This is the Future of Healthcare Founder Residency’s second cohort since its inception in 2023. Brondolo and Goida dedicated time at the 2024 kickoff event to celebrate the success of their inaugural cohort, including a partnership between program startup Mother of Fact and Northern Light Health. The two embarked on a pilot program that connects struggling new moms and babies to Mother of Fact’s platform, which provides tailored, culturally relevant nutrition guidance from highly experienced dieticians. The program has already helped 64 new mothers and babies.