Pharmacy Goes Electric with New Fleet

Date: 12/21/2022

Northern Light Pharmacy goes electric with new fleet of delivery vehicles

Bangor, Maine (December 21, 2022) - Northern Light Pharmacy has recently introduced four new electric Chevy Bolt EUV vehicles to its delivery fleet throughout Maine. The swap to the zero emission, more efficient vehicles was made in part to align with Northern Light Health’s Climate Healthinitiative, which aims to increase our contributions towards a healthier planet by implementing sustainable practices. Three delivery vehicles are located at the Northern Light Pharmacy State Street location, one at the recently opened Northern Light Pharmacy Penny Hill location in Waterville, and a fifth is planned to be added at the Northern Light Pharmacy Fore River Parkway in Portland this January.

Brian Raymond, retail business manager, Northern Light Pharmacy shared, “The leases on our former vehicles were coming to an end, and we have been exploring ways that we could be a part of the solution to reduce the harmful effects on the Earth. These vehicles not only provided a wonderful and sustainable opportunity but also provided us with cost savings during the trade in.” He adds, “According to the US Department of Energy, an electric car produces 1.2 metric tons of carbon emissions per year, while a gas car will produce 6.2 metric tons of carbon emissions—so it’s a significant savings.”

On average, the Northern Light Pharmacy State Street location makes approximately 700 deliveries a week in the Greater Bangor area. The new vehicles provide a 240-mile range per charge, but the large amount of in town driving done for deliveries provides added efficiency with recharging while braking. Mike Bryson, delivery supervisor for Northern Light Pharmacy remarks, “Wow! That’s a quiet engine. I’m also impressed with how much leg room there is inside; it’s a very comfortable ride and very responsive.”

“Admittedly, I was a little nervous about transitioning our whole fleet to electric vehicles, but they have worked out so well for deliveries,” commented Raymond. “One electric vehicle is expected to save us about $6,000 during a five-year period on fuel and electricity costs combined.”

“The repositioning of our corporate vehicle fleet from gas to electric is one important element of our overall climate health program,” commented Tim Doak, vice president, Capital Planning and Facility Optimization, Northern Light Health. “Northern Light Health is focused on delivering care in a manner that reduces and ultimately eliminates the negative environmental effects we may have on the planet, improving the health of our climate as we work to improve the health of the citizens of Maine.”