How Are You?

Date: 11/29/2022


The Next Step in Checking in on Mainers Well-being and Building Deeper Connections 

BREWER, Maine (November 29, 2022) - Northern Light Health is leading a statewide effort to deepen personal connection and improve the health of Mainers by putting purpose behind an often-overlooked question: How are you? The How Are You? movement brings to light that an important part of better health and healing comes through human connection. It invites all of us to look within and answer honestly about the most important thing in our life: our health. As part of a multi-faceted approach, Northern Light Health’s How are You? free digital resource offers Mainers a guide to gaining deeper understanding of our personal health and a starting place for building deeper connections.  

Tim Dentry, president, and CEO of Northern Light Health shares, “At a time when barriers to staying connected to one another seem insurmountable, healthcare systems and caregivers have an important role in improving outcomes of health and helping our fellow citizens deal with loneliness many face today. As Maine’s trusted healthcare partner, we are putting significant energy behind this simple yet important question to show that we not only care but are committed to creating deeper connection and helping one another by sharing resources that are healing, easily accessible, and essential across our communities.” 

Our How Are You? digital resource, found at and is aimed at connecting people to immediate resources they need most. On the How Are You? webpage, viewers are invited to take a quiz that will hone-in on the areas where they could use the most support, whether that be selfcare, health and wellness, food security, loneliness, stress, and more. While all the resources and tools live on the webpage where viewers can scroll at their convenience, once they complete the survey, a personalized selection of advice and resources will be emailed to them based on the support they need the most. 

In addition, visitors can locate a provider, schedule a mammogram, find ways to help in their community, and a wealth of additional resources to help them on their health journey. Dentry adds, “Human connection is such a fundamental attribute of healthcare. Though seemingly simple, How Are You? and this new digital resource is foundational to creating closer connections that will benefit the health of every Mainer, because a more connected and informed Maine is a healthier Maine.” 

To learn more about the How Are You? movement, visit our digital resource page at