Dr. Nirav Shah Visits Northern Light Vaccination Site

Date: 02/08/2021


This morning, Nirav Shah, MD, JD, director of the Maine CDC, visited the Northern Light Health COVID-19 Bangor Vaccination Site at the Cross Insurance Center. Dr. Shah came to tour the facility and learn more about the site’s operations. Currently, the site is handling 900 or more vaccinations during each clinic. Today, 400 vaccinations were planned, primarily second doses for healthcare workers and first responders who had already received their first dose. At maximum capacity, the site will be able to safely handle upwards to 5,000 vaccinations a day. However, vaccine availability still remains extremely limited.
During his visit, Dr. Shah shared, “This is really remarkable; it’s exactly what was needed at the right place, at the right time. Statewide, we are trying to make vaccines as available to everybody as we can, and we know one of the ways to do that is through high throughput sites like this … One of the reasons I wanted to come here today was to learn. To learn how the check-in process works, about the optimum way to draw doses, how to maximize throughput at every turn, so I’m honored to come and learn about all this myself.”