Northern Light Health Discusses Social and Medical Justice in New Podcast

Date: 09/10/2020

Brewer, Maine (September 10, 2020) - In July, Northern Light Health launched its first 
podcast, Tim Talk, hosted by president and CEO Tim Dentry with the goal to break down
barriers, open hearts and minds to diversity, and focus on issues of social and medical
 justice. Tim Talk is part of Northern Light Health’s multi-pronged plan to eliminate
racism and build a strong future for social and medical justice, which starts with a
culture of caring for one another. Through this public platform, Northern Light Health 
hopes to invite a larger community audience to this important discussion.

“As a statewide healthcare delivery system, Northern Light Health represents and serves 
all the people of Maine. We promise to treat with compassion, dignity, and respect all 
who come to us, no matter their race, background, or social standing,” explains Dentry.
 “Therefore, it’s important that our communities know they can rely on us living up to
 our quest to be community treasures where we serve. This starts by listening and having
 discussions, sometimes discussions that may feel uncomfortable, in order to truly 
understand the perspective of others and begin to develop solutions to address 
disparities brought forth by centuries of inequality and injustice within our society.”

During each episode, Dentry welcomes a colleague to sit down at the table and engage 
in a thoughtful discussion regarding a chosen topic of focus. Previous topics have
 included Northern Light’s role in medical justice, white fragility and microaggressions,
 perspectives of diversity in the community, and promoting a desire for actionable 
change. Future planned topics include perspectives from the LGBTQ+ community and
 religious tolerance and diversity. While the podcast is only in its first three months of 
production, Tim soon plans to extend his guest invites beyond employees and to other
s in the community who wish to participate.

Andrew Dees, director of Provider Network Management, Northern Light Beacon
 Health, was recently invited on Tim Talk to discuss how to promote a desire for
actionable change. Dees comments, “Tim Talk is one intentional act of courageous 
leadership from our president and CEO to address the issues of social and medical
justice within our realm of influence. It’s a clear signal to our organization and
 community of where Northern Light Health stands on this important and longstanding 
issue. I was honored to share a few practical examples of how we can influence change 
every day. I’m encouraged by the progress, positive feedback and conversations this podcast has generated throughout the system.” 

Currently, there are six episodes available and can be found at or by downloading from the following podcast platforms: Google, Apple, Spotify, and Podbean. New episodes are uploaded every two weeks. 

“Our early listenership has been encouraging for a first-time podcast,” says Dentry. “As of the beginning of September, we have achieved 3,976 unique views to our podcast site (, with 2,564 total downloads and plays. We hope through Tim Talk and other discussions within our system, we can start to come up with meaningful solutions by tapping into the many voices of diversity that we have across our healthcare system and in our greater community.

If you wish to learn more about Tim Talk, please reach out to Karen Cashman, director, Public Relations, Northern Light Health, or 207-973-6164.