From EMT to Doctor

Date: 07/17/2019

Laura Horowitz was a cheerleader in third grade when she watched an EMT rush out onto the football field to help an injured player. It was a defining moment in her life, “Ever since then, I wanted to be a doctor because I thought those were doctors,” she says.

Matthew Morrow arrived at the same decision because of some of his own personal childhood experiences, “I was pretty sick as a kid, and I dealt with a lot of different physicians. Going from appointment to appointment, and doctor and doctor, I saw how helpful they were in my life. I really understood what role they play in people’s lives.”

And Kelsey Pelletier grew up in Fort Kent and attended Husson University to become a physical therapist. She realized during a lab one day, that physical therapy might not be the career path for her. “I just needed a different outlook to see the medical field.”

All three decided to become emergency medical technicians (EMTs). Matt and Kelsey went to Husson University and Laura went to the University of Maine. While working toward their undergraduate degrees, all three ended up at Northern Light Medical Transport and Emergency Care where they got to experience a wide range of what the EMT profession has to offer.

“We take patients to doctor’s appointments. We take them where they need to go. So that is the transfer side. On the 911 side, you get to practice what you’re trained in, emergency medicine in the pre-hospital setting. So, you get a huge mixture of everything, which is great if you’re going on to medical school,” explains Laura.

Laura isn’t the only one with plans to go to medical school. Matt and Kelsey are going too. All three have taken and passed their medical college admission tests and are now enrolled in University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine. All three see their training as EMTs as a logical step in their career path.

“I wanted to figure out a way before I got into a postgraduate program what it’s like to treat a patient and be with a patient and understand what they go through daily. I figured emergency medical services and becoming an EMT would be the best way to learn that and to get to know patients and patient care,” says Matt.

“It’s always been the patient care—just being able to see the patients, their stories, learning the medical conditions, and just everyday seeing something new,” adds Kelsey.

“In your undergraduate career, you don’t do too much with hands-on patient care; I wanted to do patient care—I wanted to work with people and emergency medical services is a great entry into that,” Laura reiterates.

Classes for medical school begin on July 1. Matt, Kelsey, and Laura are looking forward to taking the next step in their careers. Laura and Kelsey are keeping their options open about what they’ll do once they graduate. Laura admits, she loves Maine and is not ruling out the chance she could work for Northern Light Health in another role.

Matt is the most eager to return to his hometown of Bangor and to the company that gave him his start in emergency medicine, “This is my hometown and Northern Light Health has helped me get a jumpstart on my career, so that’s something I would definitely like to do.”

We wish all three the best of luck!