And the Winners Are...

Date: 12/05/2019

Red-Carpet.jpgIt was a red-carpet evening at Northern Light Acadia Hospital as team members gathered in celebration for the 1st Annual Pediatric Inpatient Programming Awards. The event, held the evening of December 4, was created by the psychiatric hospital to recognize outstanding work being done by clinical staff across different categories of programming for its young patients.

“Programming is a vital component of the work we do in Pediatric Inpatient Services,” says Chris McLaughlin, LCSW, associate vice president of Community and Pediatric Services. “Our staff dedicate a great deal of time, energy, and resources into making sure our young patients have access to high quality, therapeutic, and FUN activities to participate in while they are in our care.” 

The Pediatric Services leadership team began holding monthly awards to recognize staff who go above and beyond in their delivery of creative and innovative programming ideas. Staff members have incorporated the creative arts into therapies using music, dance, and drama. Another team threw a prom right at the hospital for their teens missing this rite of passage at their own high schools. Other team members find new ways to deescalate emotions or better integrate inpatient care with the hospital’s outpatient pediatric services.

“We’ve really brought together the best of the best tonight,” smiles Brandi Walston, MSN, RN, director of Nursing for Pediatric Services. “Through this type of staff engagement, leveraging their creativity to problem solve, we’re improving patient care.”

Congratulations to the winners of the 1st Annual Pediatric Inpatient Programming Awards!

Music/Dance/Drama Award: Nick Tolbert for use of guided imagery with the patients.

Nurture Award: Ashley Richardson for the creation of Keep Me Safe Boxes. These kits encourage sensory, education, imagination, caring, compassion, creativity and much more. There is an accessory box that contains new furry friends, new beds, toys, coping skills, and games.

Best Save Award: Carla O’Neal for her creation of a new punching bag for us out of recycled materials from previously torn mattresses. She has also been known to take stuffed animals requiring repair out to sew at night and leaving a note from the toy doctor that they would return soon.

Out of the Box Award: Kassie Stevens for the Here and Now Prom. This idea was born from one patient expressing frustration that she was going to miss her prom due to being in the hospital. Kassie worked to provide this experience to our patients.

Pediatric Service Integration Award:Katrina Bowden for the all-day performances by inpatient and outpatient kids. Memorable moments included the choreographed routine by our inpatient kids. One of our patients wrote and sang an original song and for many the most memorable performance was by one of our patients who sang My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion with cheers from the crowd.

People’s Choice: Trisha Kehoe for being cool under pressure and can organize herself and ask tremendously insightful questions about her patients care and follow up after discharge.  She is bright, energetic, and demonstrates a passion for anything and everything that comes her way!