We are Northern Light Health

Date: 10/01/2018

Today, EMHS and its member organizations became Northern Light Health.

This name change reflects a key step in the system's evolution from individual locations with a regional focus to an integrated health delivery organization with coordinated statewide offerings. This shift is one of the changes that the organization has made in order to build a better health delivery system for Maine people. 

M. Michelle Hood, president and CEO of Northern Light Health, who has led the brand transformation, commented, “This is a very exciting time for us. During the last five years, we have been on a steady journey to build a system of care that aligns and optimizes the collective resources of all our member organizations to make healthcare work for every Mainer. Becoming Northern Light Health is reflective of this work and to our commitment to bring the most comprehensive care to the people we serve.”

Before deciding on Northern Light Health, the system conducted comprehensive consumer research, and considered more than 100 different names. In an initial announcement shared in March of 2018, Hood stated, “Reinventing a brand to this magnitude is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We deliberately took our time, thoughtfully considered the changing healthcare environment, the uniqueness of the state of Maine, and we involved expertise from throughout the system in building this new framework.” 

Northern Light Health worked closely with Monigle, a highly regarded brand experience agency, to develop the new name, brand platform, and the strategy to convey a consistent patient experience no matter where in the system a person seeks care. Matt Weed, senior vice president and chief strategy officer at Northern Light Health says, “We have an amazing story to share. Northern Light is an organization rich in Maine heritage and at the same time we are also consistently moving forward--setting new standards for healthcare here in Maine and across the nation. I am excited for people to know this brand.” 

There are some other naming changes as well. Suzanne Spruce, APR, associate vice president and chief communication officer shares that legacy hospital names remain a valued part of the brand, however some names will modernize. “Our extensive consumer research showed that words like ‘The’ and ‘Memorial’ are outdated. So, we are removing them from our official hospital names. And going forward, our hospitals across the system will be prefixed with Northern Light to establish a strong statewide brand that is dedicated to “making healthcare work for you.” Spruce added that Mainers will begin to learn more about Northern Light Health in a statewide brand and marketing campaign that begins this week. 

Today, throughout the state, we are recognizing the transition to Northern Light Health with presentations and interactive displays. Patients and families are welcome and encouraged to join our Northern Light staff in this celebration. 

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