Northern Light to Provide Emergency Medical Services Support in Hancock County Communities

Date: 08/23/2018

Starting on August 31, Northern Light Medical Transport and Emergency Care began responding to calls for ambulance service in the city of Ellsworth and several surrounding Hancock County communities. After serving the community for more than 40 years, County Ambulance owner John Partridge decided to end operations.
Northern Light Medical Transport, based in Bangor, is committed to providing the highest quality emergency care and hospital transport services to our communities—safely, reliably, and with compassion. With industry-leading equipment and highly trained and skilled medical staff, Northern Light is well positioned to expand its service area and provide excellent customer care for the region while the towns develop long-term plans for ambulance coverage. Northern Light is excited about, the opportunity to be an integral part of the public safety network and healthcare delivery system in Hancock County. 
“We recognize that County, and in particular John Partridge, has played a significant role in our area’s emergency response services over the last four decades,” shares Jeff Doran, vice president of Clinical Services, Northern Light Health. “John has tirelessly dedicated his career to the residents of Hancock county to ensure there has been a reliable emergency transport service available, and we are grateful for his commitment and loyalty.”
On August 31, the transition from County to Northern Light Health was seamless. Medical calls to 911 were rerouted to Northern Light Health Medical Transport and Emergency Care. “We had the ability, including the staff and the equipment needed, to immediately step in and cover this area,” explains Joe Kellner, vice president, Emergency Services and Community Programs for Northern Light Health. “We are familiar with the area, and many of our staff members currently reside in the area. We provide two 24/7 ambulances equipped to respond to emergency calls in all of the communities currently served by County. Furthermore, we are able to provide redundancy and back-up from our Bangor base during unanticipated spikes in call volume. We are working with community representatives on developing long-term sustainable strategies for EMS delivery in the region.”