No Prescription Needed

Date: 03/09/2020

Northern Light Pharmacy increases access to life-saving Naloxone Kits


Between 2010 and 2018, 2289 people died from an opioid-related overdose here in Maine, according to state statistics. Even now, we are losing more than six Mainers every week, on average, to a drug overdose. “These are our neighbors, our colleagues, our friends, and our family members, making sure they have access to life-saving naloxone is of critical importance, explained Matt Marston, PharmD, MBA, director of pharmacy, Northern Light Pharmacy.

Northern Light Health is partnering with the state of Maine to dispense free Naloxone kits through several of our member organizations, including Northern Light Pharmacy.  “Our pharmacists have all undergone special training to educate the public on the use of these kits and can now prescribe and dispense these kits as permitted by Maine law without needing a doctor’s prescription,” explained Marston. The naloxone kits are available at all five Northern Light Pharmacy locations.

The naloxone kits are available at all five Northern Light Pharmacy locations.
  • Northern Light Pharmacy - Riverside at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center
    417 State St. Bangor, Me
  • Northern Light Pharmacy - State Street 
    State St., Suite 201. Bangor, ME   
  • Northern Light Pharmacy – Westgate
    915 Union St. Suite 7, Bangor, ME 
  • Northern Light Pharmacy - Whiting Hill - Cancer Care
    33 Whiting Hill Rd, Brewer, ME
  • Northern Light Pharmacy - Fore River Parkway - Mercy Hospital
    195 Fore River Parkway, Suite 170, Portland, ME
Text Box: One of the drug disposal receptacles where people can  discard unused drugs.

One of the drug disposal receptacles where people can  discard unused drugs.

If you or someone you know is at high-risk for opioid overdose, to get a naloxone kit, all you need do is drop by one of these pharmacy locations and speak to a pharmacist. Our Pharmacies also offer drug disposal receptacles where anyone can discard of unused drugs. “What’s important here is that people know that they can come in and pick up a kit, even if it’s not for them, but a loved one or friend. The goal here is to get this life-saving drug out where it can do the most good,” Marston concludes. In Addition to Northern Light Pharmacy, several other Northern Light Health hospitals are taking part in the state-funded naloxone distribution program including Eastern Maine Medical Center, Mercy Hospital, Acadia Hospital, Maine Coast Hospital, Blue Hill Hospital, and Sebasticook Valley Hospital.