Consulting Services

In-House Pharmacists

Northern Light Pharmacy LTC consultants are required to work in-house on dispensing functions on a routinely scheduled basis. This allows us to efficiently coordinate dispensing and consulting functions resulting in quick resolution of facility concerns.

Members of the ASCP

Northern Light Pharmacy LTC consultants are active members of ASCP (American Society of Consultant Pharmacists), which assures
that they stay clinically current concerning
new advances in long-term care. Our goal
is to ensure regulatory compliance and
support your clinical team through programs, participation and references, thus helping to meet today’s challenges of long-term care.

Monthly Full-Chart Audits

We will conduct monthly, full-chart audits including:
  • Monitoring of psychoactive safety and efficacy, gradual dose reductions
  • Ensuring appropriate laboratory work has been completed
  • Ensuring medications have a diagnosis supporting their use and proper risk to benefit assessment
  • Evaluating necessity of all medications (PRN and routine)
  • Providing general clinical recommendations in accordance with good pharmacy practice
Meeting Attendance

Our pharmacist consultants will attend facility meetings as desired. The consultant is meant to be part of your facility team.

Medication Information

Our consultants will provide thorough medication information to nursing/facility staff and provide other special monitoring when requested.