A New Century of Care

Generations of Maine families have trusted Mercy with their healthcare needs since the Sisters of Mercy founded the hospital in 1918 to heal those affected by the deadly Spanish flu pandemic. Since then, we’ve been proud of our unique role as greater Portland’s “community hospital.” Our doors never close, and we never stop caring for our patients.
We’ve reached a pivotal moment in our history. One Mercy is our vision for consolidating our two hospital campuses so we’ll be prepared to serve those who rely on Mercy for another century.

One Mercy will help us enhance convenience and ease of access. As a community-based health delivery system, we will continue to care for our most vulnerable and underserved neighbors. We’ll build more community health partnerships. And we’ll be ready to bring the medical advancements of the future to our patients. This is the new century of Mercy that will care for our families, children, and grandchildren as it has done for generations.

 “Every day our providers do amazing things for our patients. I’m so proud to be a part of that.”

- Lori Fournier, Support Specialist in Clinical Education