Surgical Procedures Provided

Orthopedic surgery and minimally invasive surgical techniques

At Northern Light Orthopedic Surgery, you and your surgeon work together to choose the right treatment plan for you.

You might have knee or hip pain, arthritis pain, a sports injury or a broken bone. Did you know that for many of these conditions, you also have a choice of surgical options? That’s why our orthopedic surgeons take the time to get to know you and understand how pain or illness impacts your life before making a diagnosis. They work closely with you and your family to develop your personalized treatment plan.

Northern Light Orthopedic Surgery offers the most advanced orthopedic surgeries and surgical techniques for joint replacement surgery (including minimally invasive hip replacement surgery and knee replacement surgery)
  • Arthroscopic procedures
  • Orthopedic spine procedures
  • Hand, elbow and shoulder surgery
  • Foot and ankle surgery
  • Sports medicine procedures
  • Fracture care
If you or someone you love needs surgery, see all your options before making your choice. Ask your doctor to schedule a consultation today by calling Todd Cronin, director of Northern Light Orthopedic Surgery at 207-553-6295.