2009 Annual Report

Mayo Regional Hospital’s stable financial position allowed it to experience continued success in recruiting new medical staff members in 2009. Physicians joining the staff included Gail Lamb, D.O., at Guilford Medical Associates, and both Walter Doerfler, D.O. and Andrew Fletcher, M.D. in the Emergency Department.

Seven new mid-level providers also came aboard during the year: Carolyn Wiese, PA-C, Joanne Reiniger, PA-C and Cynthia Levick, FNP at Dover-Foxcroft Family Medicine, David Johnson, PA-C at WorkWISE, Hilary Hudson, PA-C at Mayo Orthopedics, David Nevins, PA-C at Dexter Family Practice, and Diana Vandermast, FNP at Milo Family Practice.

Several hospital departments expanded their services, most notably Mayo’s Counseling Program, which occupied a new location on High Street in Dover-Foxcroft for its psychiatry practice, mental health and substance abuse counseling services. Mayo Counseling also joined forces with the Charlotte White Center to provide comprehensive behavioral health services at the new site.

Mayo Emergency Medical Services collaborated with Corinth Fire and Rescue to expand its ambulance coverage to that community, with the Corinth base also covering Bradford and Charleston. The hospital’s Radiology Department added a digital mammography system, investing $408,000 in the most advanced technology for breast cancer detection.

Four Mayo department leaders received statewide recognition. David McDermott, M.D., medical director of emergency services, was installed as president of the Maine Medical Association. Lynne Gagnon, director of patient care services, was named president-elect of OMNE/Nursing Leaders of Maine. Lisa Fortier, director of social services, was chosen Social Work Leader of the Year. Judy Gerrish, Heartwise director, was named “Star of Life” winner by the Northeastern EMS Council.

Mayo responded to the national economic recession with a comprehensive financial improvement process involving a lineby- line review of all operating expenses. Dozens of cost-saving ideas were identified and implemented, helping Mayo pare almost $3 million from its operating budget for 2009-2010.

By maintaining tight fiscal discipline, Mayo was able to preserve its current employment level and absorb an increased demand for charity care in the community, while also generating a modest operating margin.

2009 key statistics

  • Hospital admissions   1,352
  • Patient days   5,509
  • Average daily census   15.1
  • Births   180
  • Radiological exams   23,394
  • Surgical procedures   23,33
  • Laboratory tests   131,147
  • Emergency room visits   13,147
  • Physician office visits   45,489
  • Ambulance runs   3,423
  • FTE workers   383

Hospital Administrative District 4 Board of Directors:


  • Heather Weymouth, Treasurer


  • Tony Zambrano


  • Gregory Bowler, President


  • Evelyn Farrar


  • Peggy Kaufman
  • Albert Tempesta, Secretary
  • Kathy Goerlitz


  • Mary Alyce Higgins, Vice President
  • George Barton
  • Barbara Austin


  • John White
  • Alvin McDonald


  • D. Jensen Bissell
  • Gerald Brown


  • Sue DeLoia


  • Candice Cyr


  • Ellen Haley


  • Brenda Kelley


  • Madeline Boudreau