Patients & Visitors

Patient accommodations at Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital.

Your Room

Your room assignment at Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital is based upon your admitting diagnosis and the bed availability on the day of your admission.

If you request a private room, medical insurance may not cover the cost of a private room. Private rooms are not always readily available.

Food Service

Wholesome, nourishing and well-balanced meals are an important part of your treatment and recovery. Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital makes every effort to provide nutritious meals that are prepared according to your healthcare provider's orders.

Patients are served breakfast at approximately 8:00 a.m.; lunch at approximately 12 noon and dinner at approximately 5:00 p.m. Occasionally your meal may be delayed if you are scheduled for a special test or treatment. Whenever possible, you will be served after your examination or test.

Your breakfast tray will include a menu from which you can order your meals for the next day, please mark your menu so it will be ready for pickup. If you have difficulty making menu selections a Dietary Assistant will be happy to help you. If you are on a special diet prescribed by your doctor, you will receive menus tailored to your specific needs.

If a family member or friend wishes to eat in your room with you, the person may go to the cafeteria, buy a meal there and take it back to your room.

Merrill Chapel

Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital has a nondenominational chapel---a place where family, friends, patients and staff seek solitude and quiet that many times provides the strength and faith needed during difficult times. The chapel is located on the top floor of the hospital and is available twenty four hours a day for all who need guidance.

There is no eating or drinking allowed in the chapel.


Color television sets are provided free of charge in each room. Patients in semi-private rooms share a set but each patient has a remote control. Please be considerate of other patients by playing TV sets softly and by turning off your set at bedtime. Quiet time starts at 10 pm, you are encouraged to shut off your TV or set it on low volume. Ask your nurse for earplugs if your roommate's TV is bothering you.

Cell phones

Cell phones may be used by patients (as permitted by their condition and care needs) and visitors in most patient rooms. Use may be restricted as patient care dictates. Please set cell phones to silent or vibrate and adhere to restrictions as may be directed by staff. Be respectful of other patients in room.


Telephones are provided in each room. All patient phones are American Disability Act compliant (TTY). They have a red light that flashes when you are receiving a phone call and they all have a volume control on the handset you can adjust for your personal preference. Patients may receive calls in their rooms from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Local calls may be made at any time from the room by dialing 9 and the number.

Your family and friends can call you in your room by dialing the phone number posted. Ask your nurse if you need assistance with the telephone.

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Maine Coast Memorial Hospital is dedicated to the goal of providing medical services to anyone, regardless of their ability to pay. If you have any questions regarding financial arrangements for...

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Full cafeteria services are available

Monday - Friday 6:30 am - :00 pm

Healthy sandwiches, snacks, and beverages are available in the vending machines 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Credit cards are accepted for charges over $5.

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Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital amenities.

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Do you, or a loved one, live alone or is left alone for extended periods by a caregiver? Having functional limitations performing activities of daily living such as showering and toileting? How about a history of falls or is physically frail? We can help.

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The Health Information Management (HIM), or Medical Records, department stores all patient records on file with Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital and affiliated clinics. 

Office Hours: 8 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday

Phone:  207-664-5454 (Voice messages at this number are confidential.)

Fax:  207-664-5398

You can also access your records and patient information on the Patient Portal at any time of day, seven days a week.

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The Medical Staff
The healthcare provider who admits you is responsible for directing your care while you are a patient in the hospital. Your provider may be part of a healthcare team so you may see different providers from that group during your stay.

It is important that all of your questions are answered, so please make sure your provider describes all proposed treatment to your complete understanding. Feel free to ask any of your healthcare team questions that may arise.

The Nursing Staff
Twenty-four hour nursing care is provided by a team of professional registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and nurse assistants. A charge nurse is responsible for directing and coordinating nursing care on each unit. It is important that you discuss any concerns or questions you have about your treatment, the medications you are receiving, and any tests being done.

The hospital has a registered dietitian to meet your dietary needs during your stay. If you have questions about your meals or diet, please feel free to discuss with the staff or call 664-5387.

Pastoral Services
Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital believes that total patient care demands attention to the spiritual, as well as the physical and emotional, needs of each patient. Chaplaincy volunteers are available to assist you, whatever your religious beliefs. Feel free to contact any of your healthcare team and they can make arrangements for a visit.

Discharge Planning
The Care Management Department coordinates discharge planning needs for each patient. The Social Service Workers, RN Care Managers and the Interdisciplinary team work to coordinate your discharge planning needs and work with your insurance company in assessing your benefits.

Social Service Workers and RN Care Managers
A Social Service Worker or RN Care Manager is available to each patient and is trained to help patients and family members deal with financial, social and emotional problems that relate to illnesses (short or long term), hospitalization, rehabilitation and discharge planning. The Social Service Worker or RN Care Manager works in collaboration with the Interdisciplinary team for a safe discharge.

Case Managers
Case Mangers are available and are trained to work with you, your family, your insurance company, and your medical team to arrange the safest discharge possible. They will also be the liaison between the hospital and your insurance company to assist with fulfillment of needed requirements.

Environmental Services
Your room is cleaned daily by a member of the housekeeping staff. If there is a housekeeping issue in your room please tell your nurse, and it will be taken care of as soon as possible.

Volunteers contribute many hours of service to the hospital. They supplement the services of the hospital staff in many ways and can be identified by their name tags.

Helping Your Hospital
Not-for-Profit Community Hospitals have been founded and are continuously supported and directed by community members. To learn more about Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital's volunteer program Click Here. To make a donation please Click Here.

Other Personnel
During your stay at the hospital you may be visited by other healthcare professionals, including personnel from the laboratory, medical imaging, and physical or occupational therapy. You can expect that each person caring for you will introduce him or herself and explain what they are doing.

Students are the future of healthcare and can be seen throughout the facility. They are here to learn and are closely monitored by their instructors and our staff, their nametags identify their student status. The option to work with student is yours - if you prefer not to work with a student, please notify the staff.

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Patient Rights and Responsibilities

As a patient, family member or legally responsible party of a patient at Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital, we want you to be aware of the rights and responsibilities you have under Federal and Maine State law.  We are committed to honoring your rights, and want you to know that by taking an active role in your healthcare, you can help MCMH caregivers meet your needs.

As an MCMH patient you have the right to receive care without discrimination due to age, sex, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, income, education, national origin, ancestry, marital status, culture, language, disability, gender identity, or who has responsibility for payment.  As an MCMH patient, you have the right to safe, respectful, and dignified care.  While you are here, you will receive hospital services and care that are medically needed and capable of being provided by MCMH in accordance with the MCMH stated mission, and in accordance with applicable law and regulations.
You have the right to:
  • Have a family member or another person that you choose as a support person to be with you;
  • Receive information in a way that you can understand.This includes free interpretation and translation services, in the language you prefer to discuss or read about your healthcare. This also includes help if you have vision, speech, hearing or cognitive impairments;
  • Designate a person, if needed, to act on your behalf to assert and protect your patient rights.
You have the right to:
  • Receive information about your current health, care, outcomes, recovery, ongoing healthcare needs, and future health status in terms that you and your family understand;
  • Be informed about care options including the risks and benefits, other care options, what could happen without care, and the outcome(s) of any medical care provided, including any outcomes that were not expected;
  • Be actively involved in all aspects of your care and take part in decisions about your care;
  • Make choices about your care based on your spiritual and personal values;
  • Request care;
  • Refuse any care, therapy, drug, or procedure against the medical advice of a doctor.Please note:There may be times that care must be provided based on the law;
  • Expect MCMH to obtain your permission before taking photos, recording or filming you, if the purpose is for something other than patient identification, care, diagnosis, therapy or by law;
  • Decide to take part or not take part in research or donor programs that may be suggested by your doctor.
You have the right to:
  • Decide if you want visitors while you are at MCMH.  Please note:  Staff nurses may need to limit visitors to better care for you or other patients;
  • Visitation rights include the right to receive visitors including, but not limited to, a spouse, a domestic partner (including a same-sex domestic partner), another family member or a friend;
  • Designate the persons who can/cannot visit you during your stay;
  • Designate a support person who may determine who can visit you if you become incapacitated;
  • Decide if you do not want staff to acknowledge whether you are a patient at MCMH.
You have the right to:
  • Create advance directives and/or living wills.You have the right to have MCMH staff comply with your directives;
  • Ask about and discuss the ethics of your care, including the resolution of any conflicts that might arise such as, deciding against, withholding, or withdrawing life-sustaining care.MCMH has an Ethics Committee here to help in those situations.
You have the right to:
  • Receive a medical exam to determine treatment/follow up;
  • Participate in the care that you receive at MCMH;
  • Receive instructions at discharge on follow-up care and participate in decisions about your plan of care after you leave MCMH;
  • Receive prompt and safe transfer to the care of another hospital when MCMH is not able to meet your request or need for service and the receiving hospital has agreed to accept you and has a bed for you;
  • Know why transfer to another facility may be required and learn about other options for care.
You have the right to:
  • Expect emergency care to be implemented without unnecessary delay;
  • Receive care in a safe setting free from abuse, harassment, neglect or exploitation;
  • Receive kind, respectful, safe, quality care delivered by skilled and competent staff;
  • Be told the names of doctors and nurses providing care to you and the names and roles of other healthcare staff that are caring for you;
  • Request a consultation from other providers
  • Receive assessment and management of your pain, including the right to request or reject any or all options to relieve or treat your pain;

Receive care free from restraints or seclusion unless necessary to provide medical, surgical, or behavioral care;
Receive efficient and quality care with high professional standards that are continually maintained and monitored.
You have the right to:
  • Limit who knows about your stay at MCMH;
  • Be interviewed, examined, and discuss your care in places designated to protect your privacy;
  • Be advised why certain people are present and to ask others to leave during sensitive talks or procedures;
  • Expect all communications and records related to care, including who is paying for your care, treated as private and confidential;
  • Receive written notice (also verbal) explaining how your personal health information will be used and shared with other healthcare professionals involved in your care;
  • Review and request copies of your medical record unless restricted for medical or legal reasons.
You have the right to:
  • Review, obtain, request and receive a detailed explanation of your hospital charges and bills;
  • Receive information and counseling on ways to help pay your bill.MCMH has trained financial counselors.
  • Request information about any business or financial arrangements that may impact your care.
You and your family/guardian have the right to:
  • Tell MCMH staff about your concerns or complaints regarding your care. This will not affect your care;
  • Ask for a review of quality of care concerns, coverage decisions, and concerns about your discharge plan;
  • Expect a timely and understandable response to your complaint, concern or grievance from MCMH.Complaints or grievances may be made in writing, by phone, or in person. The hospital has a duty to respond to these complaints or grievances in a manner that you can understand.To share your concerns with MCMH, please contact our Customer Service Department at 664-5348
  • The Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is also available to assist you with questions or concerns about your hospital care. You may reach DHHS at:Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services, 41 Anthony Ave #11 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0011, (800) 791-4080
You may also contact The Joint Commission, MCMH's accreditation organization at:
The Joint Commission – Office of Quality Monitoring
One Renaissance Boulevard
Oakbrook Terrace, IL  60181
(800) 994-6610 or

Feel free to ask questions about any of these rights that you do not understand.  If you have questions about these rights, please discuss them with your doctor, nurse or the MCMH Customer Service Department.  You will receive a personal response.

As a patient, family member, or legally responsible party, you have the right to know all hospital rules and what we expect of you during your hospital stay.
As a patient, family member, or legally responsible party, we ask that you:
  • Provide accurate and complete information about the patient's current healthcare problems, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, and other matters relating to your health.
  • Report any condition that puts you at risk (for example, allergies or hearing problems).
  • Report unexpected changes in the patient's condition to the healthcare professionals.
  • Provide a copy of your Advance Directive, Living Will, and Durable Power of Attorney for healthcare.
  • Tell us who, if any, visitors the patient wants during the stay.
As a patient, family member, or guardian, we ask that you:
  • Recognize and respect the rights of other patients, families, and staff.Threats, violence, or harassment of other patients and MCMH staff will not be tolerated.
  • Comply with MCMH's "no tobacco" policy. If you have concerns about this, please speak with your nurse.
  • Refrain from conducting any illegal activity on MCMH property. If such activity occurs, MCMH will report it to the Ellsworth Police Department.
As a patient, family member, or legally responsible party, we ask that you:
  • Become an active, involved, and informed member of the healthcare team.
  • Ask questions if you are concerned about your health or safety or you do not understand.
  • Remind all caregivers to wash their hands before taking care of you.
  • Be informed about which medications you are taking and why you are taking them.
  • Ask all hospital staff to identify themselves.
As a patient:
  • You are responsible for your actions if you refuse care or do not follow care instructions.
As a patient:
  • You are responsible for paying for the healthcare that you received as promptly as possible.
As a patient:
  • You are expected to follow the care plans suggested by the healthcare professionals caring for you while at MCMH.  You should work with your healthcare team to develop a plan that you will be able to follow while at MCMH and after you leave.


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Good information helps you make good decisions about your health and health care needs. Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital is reporting quantitative measures of the quality of the care we provide.

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Visitors can be good medicine for patients. Family members and friends are welcome to visit. However, patient care is our primary concern and, in order to enhance the quality of care, specific visiting hours and regulations have been established for each unit.

Visiting hours and regulations are available at the information desk on each unit.

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Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital visiting regulations.

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