Western Blot for Borrelia burgdorferi Confirmation

Date: 08/21/2017

The new name of the confirmatory test for Lyme disease is “Western Blot for Borrelia burgdorferi Confirmation”.

We recommend following the current CDC guidelines for Lyme disease testing: order Lyme Antibody Screen w/ Reflex to Lyme Western Blot. If the Lyme antibody screen is positive or equivocal, ALI will automatically reflex to the Lyme Western blot for confirmation.

The purpose of the Lyme Western blot is to confirm positive or equivocal Lyme antibody serology results—thus, the blot should not typically be ordered as a stand-alone test.

For questions please contact Microbiology at 207-973-6979 or 207-973-6980.