Lead Testing Updates

Date: 08/31/2018

At the request of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, I would like to take this time to remind you of the importance of filling out completely and accurately the BLOOD LEAD portion of the Maine Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory requisition.
Please note:  If venous blood is drawn and placed in a microtainer the “Venous in Microtainer” box must be checked.

This distinction is critical as it impacts how the laboratory proceeds following the detection of a high lead level. If a high lead level is obtained on a capillary blood sample a repeat venous sample is requested. If a high lead level is obtained from a venous sample the state launches an investigation.
I have attached a copy of the most recently updated form which was revised July 2017. Please begin to use this form if you haven’t already. I appreciate your help forwarding this memo to the appropriate staff in your facility.
If you have any further questions regarding Blood Lead testing please contact:  
Heather Grieser BS, MB (ASCP)
Microbiologist III Molecular Biology, Bacteriology and Blood Lead Sections Supervisor
Division of Disease Surveillance
Tel: (207) 287-5769
Sarah Carey
Quality Assurance Officer
Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Tel: (207) 287-5679