Urinalysis Testing

Urinalysis testing services include:
  • Automated Urinalyses 
  • Manual microscopic evaluation of sediment can be performed on low-volume specimens such as intensive care patients and neonates. This decreases the need for recollection while still maintaining accuracy when evaluating for casts, crystals and multiple cellular and parasitic components
  • We offer several modern methodologies for assistance with manual urine microscopic evaluations. These include:
    • Phase contrast utilized in manual microscopic evaluation to identify items of low-refractive index including hyaline casts and trichomonads
    • Polarizing microscopy utilized in manual microscopic evaluation to identify birefringent elements in oval fat bodies
    • Acetic acid utilized in evaluation of grossly-bloody specimens
    • Confirmatory testing also includes SSA for protein
  • Qualitative HCG tests are performed on both serum and urine for rapid pregnancy screening
  • Monospot testing for rapid infectious mononucleosis screening
  • Stool for occult blood testing includes both immunochemical and Guaiac-based methodologies Immunochemical testing does not require any dietary restriction and can easily be collected at home by the patient. The Guaiac-based method is best suited for the needs of our inpatient population
  • Stool for reducing substances are performed on patients less than one year old as a screening test for carbohydrate malabsorption. Stool for pH testing is also available for screening of this disorder
  • Gastric specimen testing for occult blood which aids in the rapid detection of gastric trauma