Transfusion Medicine

The Transfusion Service at Northern Light Laboratory serves as a regional reference laboratory and teaching facility. Our staff takes pride in integrating and using the latest advances in transfusion to provide the best patient care possible.

Our Transfusion Service maintains an inventory of apheresis platelets, leukoreduced red blood cells, frozen plasma and frozen cryoprecipitate. We work closely with our critical care transport team and supply liquid plasma for early-management of trauma patients. Technologists routinely evaluate platelets for bacterial contamination using the Verax BioMedical Platelet PGD test. The proper storage of blood products and tissue implants is ensured using remote wireless temperature monitoring technology. We supply blood products, Rh immune globulin and irradiated cellular components to the Northern Light Health facilities.

Our Transfusion Service offers a comprehensive list of pretransfusion and prenatal testing. Along with offering standard blood grouping, antibody detection, and compatibility testing, the department uses the latest methods to perform a more extensive list of services. Accurate testing is accomplished through the Ortho Vision analyzer, use of column agglutination, as well as traditional blood bank reagents. When necessary, samples may be referred to Versiti Wisconsin or Rhode Island Blood Center for red cell genotyping for RhD alloimmunization risk assessment or provision of phenotypically matched red cells.

  • Antibody identification using several different enhancement medias

  • Warm autoantibody adsorption for patients with WAIHA

  • Prewarm technique for patients with cold agglutinins

  • Eluates for patients with positive direct anti-immunoglobulin tests

  • Differential direct anti-immunoglobulin tests

  • Patient phenotyping

  • Antibody detection with DTT-treated reagent cells for patients treated with Daratumumab

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  • Antibody Titer

  • Qualitative fetomaternal hemorrhage detection (Fetal Screen)

  • Quantitative fetomaternal hemorrhage detection (Kleihauer Betke)

  • Cord Blood ABORH and DAT

  • Consultation concerning Rh Genotyping in obstetrical patients

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The Northern Light Laboratory Transfusion Service works hand-in-hand with the Patient Blood Management Program at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center. Here, a team approach is used to develop a plan of care that uses the latest drugs, technology, and techniques to decrease blood loss and reduce or eliminate the need for blood transfusion.

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Contact Transfusion Medicine at 207-973-7636