Tests at the Medical Center

Current tests offered in-house at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center
  • Glucose Monitoring by Abbott FreeStyle Precision Pro meter (not approved for use in critically ill and DKA patients; not approved to diagnose diabetes) *

  • ACT-c by i-STAT

  • Hemoglobin by HemoCue 201 (used for Therapeutic Phlebotomy) *

  • INR by i-STAT

  • b-hCG byi-STAT (whole blood)

  • Fecal Occult blood by Hemoccult *

  • Gastric Occult blood by Gastroccult *

  • Oxygen saturation by Avoximeter

  • Urine dipstick using Siemens Mulitstix 7 – visual interpretation *

  • Urine dipstick using Siemens Ketostix – visual interpretation *

  • Urine Specific Gravity by Refractometer

  • Rupture of membrane Testing by Amnisure

  • Blood gas and chemistry testing by i-STAT

* Denotes Waived Testing Status