About Us

Northern Light Laboratory serves as a regional reference laboratory for Northern Light Health and its nine hospitals, including:
  • Northern Light Acadia Hospital
  • Northern Light AR Gould Hospital
  • Northern Light Blue Hill Hospital
  • Northern Light CA Dean Hospital
  • Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center
  • Northern Light Inland Hospital
  • Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital
  • Northern Light Mercy Hospital
  • Northern Light Sebasticook Valley Hospital

As the main system laboratory, we perform nearly 1.6 million tests annually. Northern Light Laboratory employs 225 employees in seven locations with services extending from Northern Maine to Vermont.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to enhance the clinical care delivery systems within Northern Light Health by providing cost-effective, integrated support services for Northern Light Health members; pursuing profitable, sustainable growth opportunities in both healthcare and non-healthcare markets; and creating and delivering new products and services that provide a tangible direct benefit to Northern Light Health.

Our Values:

  • Passion: We demonstrate a passion for caring for others and the pursuit of service excellence in all that we do.

  • Innovation: We are capable of extraordinary creativity and are willing to explore new ideas to achieve our healthcare mission.

  • Integrity: We commit to the highest standards of behavior and doing the correct thing for the right reasons.

  • Respect: We respect the dignity, worth, and rights of others.

  • Accountability: We take a responsible and disciplined approach to achieving our priorities and responding to an ever-changing environment.

  • Partnership: Working together in collaboration and teamwork is more powerful than working alone.