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Emergency Preparedness

Date: 10/23/2019

The safety of our patients, residents, and staff is our number one priority!

As part of Northern Light Health, our community relies on us to be prepared for natural disasters, large-scale accidents and other emergencies. It is equally important for us to be ready for incidents that could occur within our own walls. For this reason, we conduct training exercises throughout the year to ensure we are as prepared as possible for any situation we may face.

Today, we conducted an emergency preparedness exercise for our staff at Northern Light Continuing Care, Lakewood and Northern Light Inland Hospital. This exercise included a mock weapon at Lakewood and mock casualties taken to Inland. The purpose was to plan and perform an event that reviews policies, tests procedures and protocols, and enhances our staff’s ability to respond and recover from an emergency situation.
Thank you to the Waterville police department and Delta Ambulance, who are part of our drill committee and were on-site to participate, observe, and provide feedback today. We will use the evaluations to identify what went well and areas for improvement, including safety and security concerns, and staff education preparedness.