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Budget Challenges

Date: 04/04/2019

Facing a significant budget deficit, Northern Light Inland Hospital will be reducing its staff by 25, with 17 through open positions not being filled and attrition, and eight in areas that cover both the hospital and practices. Leaders at the Waterville community hospital analyzed their service and staffing model to carefully determine which positions could be reduced while maintaining excellent patient care.

“Reducing staff is a very difficult decision to make, and it’s always our last resort,” said John Dalton, President of Northern Light Inland Hospital. “But we are being responsible stewards of our health delivery system, from budgets to patient care, and we must make some hard decisions now to secure our future for the communities we serve.”

Inland is working closely with the affected employees to consider other job openings at the hospital and practices, and elsewhere in the Northern Light Health system. Dalton noted that already half of the employees are applying for other positions available at Inland Hospital and Continuing Care, Lakewood. “Our goal is to retain staff members where possible and assist them through the transition.”

“The reasons for the budget shortfall are focused mainly on the reduced volume we are seeing in our practices and throughout the hospital as a result of provider turnover and a very difficult transition to the new electronic health record which disrupted our operations and affected productivity,” explained Dalton. “Overall what it means is that we have fewer patients being seen in our practices and being referred for services at the hospital, such as x-rays and lab tests. So, we are making the difficult decision to reduce some positions, with the hope that many of these skilled employees can move into new roles in our organization.”