Lactation Service and Support

Breast milk is the perfect first food for your baby according to the Academy of Pediatrics which recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, through a child's first birthday and beyond — as long as you and baby desire.

One-on-one support is available to moms while in the hospital and after they go home. Our lactation consultant has a wealth of knowledge about breastfeeding and give new moms the confidence and personal attention they need to get off to a great start. She is pleased to educate families on how to support breastfeeding as a choice.

A breastfeeding support group meets every Friday at 1 pm at The Birthing Center at Northern Light Inland Hospital. Open to the public, no registration is necessary and babies, of course, are welcome.

We also recognize that breastfeeding is not right for every new mom, and we are dedicated to providing the best start possible for you and your baby. Formula is provided for those moms who choose not to breast feed.

For more information, call us at 207-861-3100 or toll free at 800-967-0087 or email us at