Women's Health Primary Care

Women need specialized care throughout their lives. Northern Light Women’s Health practices provide that personal care and perspective that help you lead your best life. We understand your needs and are here with you every step of the way, from childhood all the way through your adult life. We believe a strong relationship leads to the best care for you. 

At Northern Light Health, we have specialized women’s practices that meet your needs instead of applying a universal medical point of view. We encourage you to learn more and see if this approach feels right for your care.

Contact us today to get help with your Women's Health Primary Care needs.

Practice City Contact
Northern Light Primary Care
344 Lakewood Road, Madison, ME, 04950-3015
Madison 207-474-2994
Northern Light Primary Care
74 Water Street, Oakland, ME, 04963-4957
Oakland 207-465-7342
Northern Light Primary Care
80 Main Street, Unity, ME, 04988-3732
Unity 207-948-2100
Northern Light Primary Care
16 Concourse West, Waterville, ME, 04901-6007
Waterville 207-873-1036
Northern Light Primary Care
246 Kennedy Memorial Drive, Suite 202, Waterville, ME, 04901
Waterville 207-861-7180