Community Requests

Thank you for your interest in Northern Light Inland Hospital. We are proud to be involved in our communities. We have several types of request forms. Please read through this information to choose the form that fits your type of request. Our goal is to be supportive of efforts that can improve the quality of life in the Greater Waterville area. Because we have limited funds and resources, we require a completed application to assess the opportunities that best match our mission and interests in the community. Thank you.

Request to sponsor a community event or activity

If your request is for funds to support a community activity or event, please review the criteria before completing the Sponsorship Application

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Request to support a health initiative

If your request is for funds to support a health initiative or community program that improves the health and wellness of local residents, you may consider applying for our annual Community Benefit Grant Program, which is open for applications in February. 

Through our Community Benefit Grant Program, we award grants to non-profit organizations with strategies that align with Inland’s mission and identified key health priorities. We give priority to health-related initiatives, programs or services serving vulnerable or under-served populations in the Greater Waterville area, and organizations that are working to make a measurable impact on health using evidence-informed strategies and partnerships.

Each year we have a formal application process to request community benefit grants. Applications are being accepted from February 4 to February 25, 2019. The deadline for consideration is February 25, 2019.

Learn more about our community benefit grant program

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Request for us to attend your event or provide a speaker

If your request is for Inland to participate in your community event — to attend an event or participate as a guest speaker — please complete our Community Health Outreach request form.

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Request for job shadow or student internship

If your request is for internship opportunities or job shadowing, please contact Chellie Roderick, RN, Staff Education, 207-861-3000.

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Application response timeframe

Our goal is to contact you with a decision on your application within two weeks of your request. Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you. If you have questions, please contact our Community Relations department at or 207-861-3293.

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Community Collaboration

To manage the multitude of health-related and other challenges in the rural Maine community, Inland is committed to engaging collaborators to more effectively plan and implement initiatives aimed at improving health status and community well-being. Collaborators include Healthy Northern Kennebec, community and social service agencies, schools, and many others.

Download our latest Annual Report (includes 2019 Calendar)

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Inland's Community Health Strategy

Inland’s Community Health Strategy helps us focus on key priorities and strategic outreach efforts in our community. Based on the Shared CHNA results, community input, and Northern Light Health system-wide initiatives, we identified priority community health issues contained in our three-year Community Health Strategy, and set goals and local implementation strategies for the upcoming year.

Read our 2017-2019 Community Health Strategy

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Additional Questions

If you have questions, please contact Inland Community Relations department at or 207-861-3293.