Our Palliative Care Team

Our Palliative Care team works together with the patient’s physicians to provide optimize patients’ quality of life. At any age and at any stage of an illness palliative care is appropriate. It can be provided along-side curative measures and treatments. Member's of the team include:

  • Dr. Jim VanKirk, Medical Director

  • Robin Hirsh-Wright MSW, LCSW, Program Director

  • Fred Watters, NP for the Southern region

  • Sarah Levy, NP for the Southern region

  • Holly Macrae, LMCSW for the Southern region

  • Zoe Tenney, NP for the Bangor/Ellsworth region

  • Kari Whitney, NP for the Bangor/Ellsworth region

  • Anne Donovan-Fortier, LCSW for the Bangor/Ellsworth region

  • Dr. Nancy O'Neill, Palliative Care Physician in Presque Isle

  • Pamela Shay, RN Care Manager statewide

  • Rebecca Bragdon, Palliative Care Services Coordinator statewide