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Mercy Hospital StarLights

Mercy StarLights, a wintertime fundraiser of the Northern Light Mercy Hospital Auxiliary, illuminates the way to Maine’s best healthcare and ensures that our patients continue to receive the highest quality, compassionate care.

As the days get shorter and the nights grow cooler, shine a light in the darkness to show your love and appreciation. Celebrate family and friends, cancer survivors and caregivers, coworkers and community leaders, with individual lights that will sparkle on evergreens at Mercy Fore River.

The names of the honored and remembered will be displayed on our website through January 31, 2020. Donors will receive beautiful Mercy StarLights cards to mail to family and friends, acknowledging the beacon lit in their honor.

StarLights is made possible by the generosity of foundress, the late Janet Y. Burns.

Event capacity: N/A
Event location:
Event date: 12/5/2019 5:30 PM