Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Most of our positions are filled Monday through Friday in four-hour increments from 8 to noon and noon to 4 pm. Some changes are accommodated when necessary. 

  • Information Desk - Volunteers transport patients being admitted to or discharged from the hospital. Volunteers also gain the pleasure of delivering flowers and mail to our patients.

  • Surgical Services Family Liaison - Volunteers maintain a supportive environment for families waiting for patients in surgery.  They provide updates to family members and assistance with navigating the various resources available during their loved one's stay.

  • Gift Shop - Volunteers in this area provide excellent customer service to families, visitors and employees. A fast-paced area with hustle and bustle for those who love to shop, this is the place you will enjoy!

  • Emergency Department - An environment that is guaranteed to be busy more than not is the Emergency Department. This is a place for those with thick skin, tough emotions, and an ability to be on your feet with lots of work and sometimes surprises.

  • Telecare - For volunteers that love to talk on the phone you will be happy here! Volunteer callers make contact every morning of the week to people living alone. The callers check in with the Telecare participants between 7:30 and 10 am. Some talk of the weather, some talk of their day's plans, some don't talk at all! They all depend on someone calling to say hello. Volunteers generally fill one day a week.

  • Office Helpers - Those that love detail, filing, phones, and making friends while working independently will while away their time very quickly helping with office support throughout the hospital.

  • Cancer Care Resource Ambassadors - Northern Light Cancer Care ambassadors assist our patients in discovering resources to help them through their journey as well as helping with hospitality, allowing our patients to experience warm and comfortable visits. The tasks are numerous and almost always revolve around helping people.

  • Library Assistant - Surround yourself with friendly, kind people and a world of knowledge. If this appeals to you, the library will be the spot you will want to be.

  • Supportive Care - Volunteers are empathetic, patient, and dependable. Our Supportive Care Program provides comfort and support to patients facing serious illness and death. Emotional, sometimes stressful, with moments of joy and transcendence, this is an opportunity for meaningful, satisfying work with patients and their families.

    Please note: A number of protocols are now in place to protect our volunteers, patients, staff, and visitors from COVID-19. Learn more here.