Caring for Safety

One of EMMC’s highest priorities is keeping patients, families, and staff members safe and secure in all of our facilities. EMMC is a leader in taking a proactive approach to security. The best approach to security includes many layers, a philosophy EMMC has embraced. Some of the steps we’ve taken to enhance security include:
  • EMMC has a minimum of nine security officers on duty around the clock. Additional officers work during the day when the need is greatest. EMMC’s well-trained security officers contracted through Securitas must complete Management of Aggressive Behaviors (MOAB) training on how to recognize, reduce, and manage violent and aggressive behavior, as well as a Basic Security Officer course through the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety.
  • For more than 10 years, EMMC has paid for a Bangor Police Department officer to be in the Emergency Department for six hours each night/seven days a week.
  • Since 2012, EMMC has been the only hospital in Maine to use a metal detector to screen all patients who come into the Emergency Department. Approximately 100,000 people are screened each year.
  • EMMC conducts drills to test its readiness to respond to safety and security issues and identify opportunities for improvement.
We also take additional measures to keep employees safe in the workplace. EMMC’s Workplace Violence Prevention team, which includes staff nurses and other employees, works to reduce and mitigate the effects of violence at the hospital and other EMMC facilities. The team develops and updates policies to ensure that EMMC’s approach to preventing workplace violence is proactive and effective. The team also reviews incidents of workplace violence to determine the causes and develop strategies to improve our approach.

The Workplace Violence Prevention Team is currently enhancing staff training by developing a new education and training plan that includes educational requirements employees will need to fulfill each year.

We understand that the events that require a visit to the hospital are stressful and emotional. EMMC is here to help. By layering many strategies for keeping patients, visitors, and employees safe and secure in our hospital, we can assure that our focus remains, rightly, on high quality care of the sick and injured.