Infusion Care

Our outpatient infusion center offers a private location to receive IV therapy across the hall from the laboratory.

  • Boniva injections

  • Aranesp injections

  • Zometa IV infusion

  • Actemra IV infusion

  • Solumedrol IV infusion

  • IVIG  infusion

  • Reclast infusion

  • Remicade infusion

  • Neulasta injection

  • Procrit injection

  • Xolair injection

  • Orencia infusion

  • Lovenox injection

  • Iron infusion(venofer, ferrlecit)

  • Maintenance Port-a-cath flushes

  • Transfusion of all blood products

  • Therapeutic phlebotomy

  • Most other therapeutic infusions

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