The brain really is connected to the body

The brain really is connected to the body

I know a psychiatrist who’s fond of saying “the head really is connected to the rest of the body.” This simple statement articulates the mission of my career – help people improve their lives by focusing on the whole person, brain and body together.
I became a clinical social worker because I wanted to help people struggling with mental illness. My 20 plus experience in the field have shown me that mind and body are not two separate systems. Together they comprise us all.
So I have come to focus on holistically helping those with mental health conditions by treating the whole person. In clinical social work, we help individuals and communities live their best lives by considering the psychological, social, biological, and environmental factors in a person’s life.
Whole-person health is not just a philosophy I use at work. Acknowledging the brain-body connection has improved my own life. 15 years ago, I started studying yoga for the physical benefits and soon experienced an unexpected effect – I was less anxious, less worried, less stressed; I had more energy and slept more soundly. This lesson was so powerful that I became a yoga teacher. I’ve taught yoga to individuals who were homeless and individuals who live in mansions and the effect is the same – the brain-body connection is real and transformative.
In my practice as a mental health therapist, the brain-body connection is clear. When mental health improves, physical health improves; likewise, when we take care of our bodies, the mind responds: sleep, energy, motivation, happiness--all are connected in the brain-body nexus.
Now, as the manager for Healthy Life Resources, a new benefit to JAX employees and their families, it is my mission to improve the lives of people by using the knowledge I have gained about how we human beings work thrive. This new service will promote a culture of mental wellness to improve the health, and therefore the life, of the whole person.
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