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Stress & Your Health

Stress. We all experience it. Work stress, school stress, family stress, financial stress. Short-term, time limited stress is a normal part of life. It can actually be beneficial – stress can provide a burst of energy to help us get things done, stress can increase resiliency and tolerance for change. Stress can help focus our attention to get a project done before the deadline. Even events that are exciting or happy can create stress – buying a house, starting a new job, having a child, graduation, getting a promotion. Stress can also protect us from harm, alerting us to danger and allowing the body to move quickly out of the way of danger.

Back to School

The end of summer is marked in so many ways – longer nights, cooler days, closing camp, storing the pool supplies. The end of summer becomes real when we get ready to send the kids back to school. Back to school is mixed with a twinge of sadness at summer’s end and excitement at the start of something new. Back to school can also mean stress, pressure, and worry. For some children, worrying can turn into anxiety or depression.

The brain really is connected to the body

I know a psychiatrist who’s fond of saying “the head really is connected to the rest of the body.” This simple statement articulates the mission of my career – help people improve their lives by focusing on the whole person, brain and body together.

Making Mental Wellness a Priority is a Great Idea

If you are reading this Blog, congratulations! It means you are taking an active interest in your mental health and wellness.

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