Gratefulness is Power for Your Life

Gratefulness is Power for Your Life

Gratitude requires us to first acknowledge our ability to make decisions.  We get to decide what we watch on TV.  We get to decide what we eat and drink.  We get to make decisions for our lives every single day.  And we get to decide what we will focus on and how we frame whatever it is we are focused on.  Bad things will happen, tough times will come, and each of us has a 100% success rate at getting through our days, the good ones and the other days too.  To be grateful I must know it is my choice to see the positives, to pull them out of a situation, and to focus on them.  Then I must make a choice.  Will I focus on challenging situations as problems or opportunities?  Will I acknowledge the positive aspects of a situation or just on the negatives?


Gratefulness is well established as a powerful force and a tool for resilience building.  Being ungrateful is easy; we’re conditioned to see problems and differences.  The trouble is, we are living in disorienting times.  For many of us, our old ways of dealing with life’s bumps and bruises aren’t working as well.  And, we know that stress over a long period of time matters; it matters a lot.  We have a decision to make individually and collectively.  Are we going to let circumstances and situations and new challenges shove us down? Or, are we going to stand up and find ways to win? 


So, here’s a little challenge of sorts.  What will you do today to build your mental strength? What are you thankful for?  Every little thing counts!  Today, right now, is a great time to use your power to decide for good, for you, your friends, your loved ones, your coworkers.  We can’t guarantee much of anything in the world of mental wellness, but we can confidently say your life is highly likely to improve when gratefulness becomes are part of your day-to-day. 


The research is increasingly clear, negative feelings and emotions such as stress and feeling burnt out cannot coexist in the same space.  Gratitude protects us from “bad weather” and “turbulence” in our lives.  Gratitude has been significantly correlated with happiness and resilience, or mental strength.  Gratefulness isn’t always easy but it’s a great option.   


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