Board of Trustees

A community board of volunteers governs the direction of programs and patient care at Northern Light Acadia Hospital. Our Board of Trustees, as community representatives, help shape the policy and programs to meet community needs and demands.

Trustees at Northern Light Acadia Hospital

  • Anne E. Pooler, EdD  - Chair of the Board
  • Kara Hay - Vice Chair of the Board
  • Vice Chair of the Board
  • Craig D. Hadley, CPA
  • Judy Horan
  • Thomas McHugh, MD
  • Shirar Patterson
  • James E. Rogers, Jr.
  • Sandra Rothera, Esq
  • Sarah Smiley
  • Teresa Steele, BUS, MEd, MSN, PhD
  • Michelle Hood - President and CEO of Northern Light Health
  • Scott Oxley - President of Northern Light Acadia Hospital
  • Anthony T. Ng, MD, DFAPA - Chief Medical Officer for Northern Light Acadia Hospital