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From Portland to Presque Isle and Greenville to Blue Hill, Northern Light Health partners with Maine employers to:

  • Reduce health risks for employees
  • Lower health care costs
  • Improve productivity, engagement, and morale

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Employee Assistance and Wellness

Northern Light Health employee assistance and wellness programs are customized to meet the needs of your organization, provide the highest level of support to employees, and maximize return on investment.

A variety of training programs are offered to improve worker communication, safety, satisfaction, and productivity for employees at any level.

The key to a successful wellness journey relies on having the right level of support and access to the right resources. That’s why we take the time to build trusted partnerships with our clients and customize wellness services to meet the needs of each unique population.

Our ability to develop meaningful interactions with people results in high participation rates, high retention rates, and reductions in employee health risks.

Once enrolled, employees can request help for managing family issues, personal challenges, skill deficits, performance problems, and more:

  • Wellness assessment and referral
  • Short-term counseling for employees and household members
  • Policy review, rewrite, and development
  • Supervisory training
  • Online work/life programs
  • Legal and financial services
  • 24-hour triage and crisis response
  • Conflict management assistance
  • Promotional assistance and materials
  • Onsite clinical support services
  • SAP (Substance Abuse Professional) services for DOT positive drug or alcohol tests

Our wellness program is built on data, insight, and action. We provide people with tools that empower them to make realistic lifestyle changes for a healthier future.

Each of our services helps makes it easier for people to live healthier:

  • Health coaching – individual and group
  • Nutrition coaching – individual and group
  • Wellness courses – weight loss, stress management, nutrition education
  • Virtual group fitness and wellness webinars
  • Biometric screenings
  • Health risk assessments

Learn more about EAP services at or call (800) 769-9819.

Learn more about wellness services at or call (207) 973-5692.

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Occupational Health

At Northern Light Work Health, we understand that every business has unique needs and expectations. Together, we'll create a custom occupational health program that meets the needs of your organization.

We partner with Maine employers to provide services dedicated to the well-being of employees and safety in the workplace, including employee wellness services, pre-placement testing, occupational medicine, ergonomics, and more.

Visit us in Bangor, Pittsfield, Portland, Presque Isle, Waterville, Ellsworth, and Dover-Foxcroft.

All locations utilize one electronic health record. This system ensures patient records are accessible regardless of the Work Health location they visit.

Physical Exams

  • Pre-employment physical
  • Specialty physical (DOT, immigration, firefighter, and others)

Assessments and Evaluations

  • Work-related injury assessment and treatment
  • Fitness for duty evaluation
  • Ergonomics evaluation
  • Return-to-work evaluation
  • Consultations and second opinions (IMEs)


  • Drug screening
  • Breath alcohol tests
  • Pulmonary Function Test
  • Hearing tests
  • Respirator fit test

Onsite Services

  • COVID and Flu vaccinations
  • Other services available upon request

For more details and to learn about all the services we offer employers, please visit

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Behavioral Health

Northern Light Behavioral Health provides inpatient and outpatient services for children, adolescents, and adults dealing with mental illness.

Our services also include geriatric behavioral care, pediatric behavioral care, treatment for substance use disorder, counseling, and more. We provide these in settings that are relaxed, comfortable, and as discreet as you need. Sometimes even in your own home.

School-based outpatient services address the growing need for accessible behavioral health by providing services to youth in the hospital and in the community.

The Behavioral Health Home (BHH) is a holistic form of psychiatric and developmental case management reimbursed by MaineCare. The Behavioral Health Coordinator School Liaison (or case manager) is available to any school interested in partnering with Acadia’s Behavioral Health Home. Currently, integrated BHH services are offered to students in 38 towns and cities served by 11 school districts.

Northern Light Healthy Life EAP services address the mental health and wellness of employees in the workplace. Services offered allow for early intervention, accident prevention, improved employee health, and improved employee engagement. We provide employers with comprehensive employee assistance programming, training, support, and consultation services that contribute to the health of your employees.
If you’re seeking a healthier, happier, more robust workforce, Northern Light Healthy Life EAP can help. Learn more at or call (800) 769-9819

Acadia Hospital’s school-based team provides workshops and trainings for school staff. We have provided trainings on understanding youth anxiety, strengthening educators’ trauma-informed responses to students, and education on supporting an inclusive school environment. Our clinicians offer these trainings or develop training materials on any number of topics upon request by school administrators.

The Student-Based Mental Health Center is a partnership between Northern Light Acadia Hospital and a school, which comprise three types of service—traditional outpatient therapy billed to insurance, traditional school social work, and behavioral health home case management. Acadia Hospital is proud to offer these important services in eight school districts serving young people in 25 Maine communities.

Learn more about employee assistance and prevention services at or call (800) 769-9819.

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Immunizations and Testing

At Northern Light Pharmacy, our mission is to provide convenient and compassionate pharmacy services to support and improve the health of our community.

We understand that health and wellness extend beyond the home, into all facets of life, and that the well-being of employees is a keystone of operational excellence at any organization.

We offer convenient drive-through NAAT and antigen testing services at our State Street Pharmacy in Bangor with quick turnaround. We can provide group testing services and billing in the event of an outbreak.

We offer a broad range of adult immunizations, including but not limited to influenza and COVID-19, with no prescription necessary. This also includes yellow fever vaccine for international travel. We can respond quickly to provide vaccine clinics in the event of a work or business-related exposure requiring post-exposure vaccinations, or for seasonal vaccines. Immunizations and COVID-19 testing is also available through Northern Light Work Health.

Northern Light Pharmacy has five locations throughout the state of Maine. Visit us at our retail locations in Bangor, Brewer, and Portland. We provide free state-wide mail order services, free local delivery in the Greater Bangor area, and a comprehensive range of clinical services.

To learn more, visit our Northern Light Pharmacy page or call (207) 275-1142 to speak with our pharmacy director.

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Primary Care

Northern Light Primary Care provides the highest quality preventive medicine and primary care for Mainers and their families.

  • Enjoy convenience with primary care locations all over Maine
  • Save time with online appointment scheduling
  • Reduce medical expenses by visiting walk-in care instead of the emergency room

Our 65 primary care locations throughout Maine make care convenient. Primary care providers at Northern Light Mercy Hospital (greater Portland region), Inland Hospital (Waterville region), Sebasticook Valley Hospital (Pittsfield), and CA Dean Hospital (Greenville) have online appointment scheduling.

Learn more about our locations and services.

Schedule your mammogram and your primary care or pediatric appointments online:

  • New patient appointments
  • Sick/urgent care appointments for established patients
  • Annual wellness exams
  • Nurse visits (including blood pressure checks and vaccinations)

If you need care right away, Northern Light Walk-In Care and Northern Light Virtual Walk-In Care are even more convenient and coordinate with your Northern Light Primary Care provider (you don’t need to be a current primary care patient to use Walk-In or Virtual Walk-In Care).

Sports Health

Northern Light Sports Health is the Bangor region’s only fully comprehensive sports medicine program.

No matter a person’s age or ability, whenever an injury or illness occurs, we provide complete evaluation and care — fast. We’ll work with you and your team to create a plans that get team members back to the activities they enjoy.

Staffed by an integrated team of certified athletic trainers, sports medicine orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians, primary care physicians, physical therapists, neuropsychologists, and emergency physicians, Northern Light Sports Health provides rapid, efficient, and coordinated care.

Northern Light Sports Health provides athletic training services to organizations and schools, including injury prevention, evaluation and diagnosis, immediate care, and rehabilitation. We also provide educational opportunities on health topics.

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