In collaboration with many community partners, we offer a wide array of clinical, business, leadership, and inter/intrapersonal skills training. In addition, we have sponsorships that allow individuals to be paid full-time while they learn and tuition assistance for degree programs available.

All of these programs are aligned with our goal to attract, develop, and retain a highly skilled workforce through employee development opportunities to achieve a culture of excellence.

Programs & Sponsorships

Find an opportunity to be paid full-time to study, work part-time and complete a training program with tuition paid.

RN Sponsorship Program

Northern Light Health Sponsorship Program assists students enrolled in an ADN or BSN program. While being paid to work full-time, candidates have their tuition and exam fees paid for on their behalf for up to two years, including their NCLEX. After completion of program and successful NCLEX examination, the employee has a work commitment within Northern Light Health.

* Currently offered only at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center and Home Care & Hospice

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Sponsorship Program

Northern Light Health Sponsorship Program develops certified nursing assistants (CNA) over the course of six to eight weeks of courses. Opportunities are available for internal employees and external applicants to be paid full-time to take classes paid for by Northern Light Health through successful completion, passing State of Maine CNA exam, and listed on the CNA Registry for the State of Maine. Employee commits to work for Northern Light Health after listed on CNA Registry.

Medical Assistant (MA) Sponsorship Program

Northern Light Health Sponsorship Program pays candidates to elevate their professional abilities to obtain the medical assistant status being hired as a trainee in a program paid for by Northern Light Health. After passing the NHA Certification exam, the candidate commits to work for Northern Light Health.

Medical Technologist

Northern Light AR Gould Hospital candidates are paid full-time to work and attend classes to become a medical technologist. Once completed, there is a three-year work commitment post graduation. (January 2022 launch)

EMT Sponsorship

Northern Light Health in collaboration with Atlantic Partners EMS and KVCC allows candidates to be paid hourly throughout the entirety of the program. Post graduation and successful completion of the State of Maine EMS exam, there is a two-year employment requirement with Northern Light Health.

CST Sponsorship

Northern Light Health sponsorship that begins in May of 2022. An accelerated program allows candidates to complete a one-year CST certification program. (Applies only to Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center and Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital)

Imaging Sponsorship

Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center Echo sponsorship qualifies internal candidates with an imaging background to apply for the opportunity to be paid full-time while also attending classes to achieve echocardiology certification and work for Northern Light Health after successful completion and testing.

Training & Professional Development

Patient Service Representative Training/OJT (Bridge to PSR)

Northern Light Health training provided through an online program to include medical terminology, basic insurance, and anatomy and physiology over 16 weeks beginning in May for Northern Light Inland/SVH; Mercy Hospital and other locations TBD.

Maine Department of Labor (MDOL) approved Apprenticeships

Northern Light Health offers apprenticeships in the areas of:

  • Environmental Services
  • Certified nursing assistants
  • Food services (dietary aide)
  • New graduate nurse residency
  • Patient service representatives (medical office assistant)
  • Medical Assistants

These apprenticeships are quality career pathways in which Northern Light Health develops and prepares our future workforce. Apprentices are paid while receiving classroom instruction and on the job training to become proficient in the skill area.

Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Program (systemwide)

The Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Program is a partnership with Husson University and offers Northern Light Health employees a year-long, comprehensive development and training program. The program focuses on training topics that closely align with the Northern Light Health competencies, such as, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, decision-making, change management, patient experience, and many more. In addition, participants work in project groups to research and make recommendations related to a current system goal. This program is open for applications from eligible employees and leaders and teaches valuable skills that can help each employee become their best selves regardless of title or career goals.

Mentor Program (systemwide)

This program is a combination of one-on-one mentor/mentee meetings and educational opportunities created by the Talent Management team, as well as mentors and mentees. In addition to the monthly educational sessions, the Mentor Program is primarily self-driven in the form of regular one-on-one meetings between mentor and mentee. This means you have some flexibility to customize the program based on your needs and goals.

The intent of the Mentor Program is to broaden your network, increase exposure and develop skills to help future growth. Being paired with someone outside of your business line or member organization will allow you to gain a new and fresh perspective and build relationships.

Ongoing workshops (systemwide)

We have a catalogue of 1-3 hour virtual and in-person workshops designed for employees and leaders to enhance their skills. Topics range from effective meeting facilitation to conflict resolution to generational differences in the workplace and can be accessed several ways.

Grow Your Career Today

Current employees can reach out to their manager for more information on the application process and new applicants can call (207) 973-7100 or email for more information.

New Mainers & Immigrants

Northern Light Health (NLH) and its local member healthcare organizations, in partnership with community agencies, is committed to providing comprehensive healthcare career navigation and support for individuals from Maine’s immigrant and New Mainer communities.

We support ongoing development of an equitable and culturally responsive workforce training and navigation program, specifically tailored to meet the needs of immigrant employees and applicants with the goal of supporting long-term employment and advancement through career ladders by facilitating engagement, retention, education and professional development pathways that address identified healthcare demands.

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