Job Number 69589
Posted 2/4/2020
Account Northern Light AR Gould Hospital
Department Pharmacy ARG
Location |ME| AR Gould Hospital, ME 04769
Schedule Regular Full-time
Shift Variable
Hours Variable
Job Details Job Summary:

Under the supervision of the Director of Pharmacy or the Charge Pharmacist, and in accordance with the department policies and procedures, assists with the routine, non-judgmental aspects of the delivery of hospital pharmacy services. Obtains the supervising pharmacist's approval to perform duties that deviate from the established practice.

Job Duties:

· Assists the pharmacist with medication dispensing functions:

o Fills initial supply of medication order, and performs related mathematical calculations.

o Verifies all orders and calculations with the pharmacist prior to dispensing, and informs the pharmacist of any irregularities

o Fills and checks patient medication drawers.

o Prepares medication and related labels.

o Fills and checks routine requisitions for floor stock medication.

o May assist in the preparation of employee prescriptions.

· Assists with the medication distribution and control functions:

o Makes rounds to the patient care units, picking up orders and delivering medications and pharmaceutical supplies.

o Conducts controlled substances inventory counts.

o Inspects drug storage areas throughout the medical center system.

o Assists with semi-annual department inventory.

· Assists with the medication packaging, preparation, and compounding functions:

o Repackages and labels bulk medication into unit-dose packaging.

o Prepackages and labels bulk medication into unit-of-use packaging.

o Reconstitutes prefabricated medication.

o When necessary, weighs, measures, and mixes ingredients in the compounding of bulk and extemporaneous medications.

o Assists with the preparation and maintenance of the records, reports and files of the department.

· Assists with the medication procurement, storage, and inventory control functions:

o Indicates when medication and supplies need to be reordered.

o Helps to receive, unpack, check, and put away order from pharmacy vendors.

o May assist the Pharmacy Secretary/Buyer in preparing and placing purchase orders.

o Replenishes pharmacy shelf stock from storage.

o Helps prepare and package items for return to vendors.

· Assists with, or performs other tasks related to department operations:

o Answers telephone, takes messages, refers calls.

o Performs related clerical duties, including but not limited to patient billing and time card maintenance.

o Maintains general orderliness and neatness of the pharmacy, including the cleaning of equipment.

o Runs work-related errands outside of the hospital.

o Performs duties associated with new procedures, and performs other related duties as assigned by the Technician Supervisor or the Director of Pharmacy.

· Performs other work-related duties as required.

Job Requirements:

· Education, License, and Experience:

o High School graduate or equivalent.

o Registration as a Registered Pharmacy Technician by the Maine Board of Pharmacy OR registration eligible.

o Must obtain certification by the national Pharmacy Technician Certification Board within 2 years of hire

o Hospital or hospital pharmacy experience preferred but not required.

o Must undergo orientation/training period.

o Must complete department-administered certification program.

Other Skills Required:

· Professional, ethical, mature, caring manner and attitude.

· High self-esteem and self-confidence.

· Ability to work and act as a member of a team.

· Ability to handle frequent interruptions and noise-related distractions, and to adapt to crowded and close working conditions, and to adapt to periods of increased workload volume- all without diminished performance.

· Ability to accommodate scheduled and unscheduled work schedule changes.

· Good communication skills, discretion, tact, courtesy, etiquette, and ability to work well with people.

· Ability to maintain confidentiality of information.

· Ability to work with computers (mainframe & personal).

· Ability to operate machine, tools, and work-aids of the department.

Work Environment & Physical Requirements:

· Normally an eight hour, rotating shift, including evenings and weekends.

· Rotates to different division work sites as required.

· Periodic extra time may be required.

· Periodic callback may be required on both standard and non-standard shifts.

· Sitting – 3-7 hours per day (generally less than 25% of the time).

· Standing and Walking – 3-7 hours per day (generally more than 75% of the time).

· Lifting - moderate lifting of 10lb to 50lb with good body mechanics.

· Twisting – 1-120 twists per day.

· Bending – 1-20 bends per day.

· Squatting or Kneeling – 1-3 hours per day (generally less than one hour per day).

· Wrist Position – Moderate deviation of the wrist.

· Pinching or Grasping - moderate to frequent (121-480 pinches per day).

· Hand/Wrist Repetitions - moderate to frequent (961-2280 per day).

· Manual Dexterity - frequent fine motor movement.

· Either Handedness - up to 60% of the time.

· Both Handedness – between 36-60% of the time.

· Near Vision - requires very accurate near vision.

· Far Vision - requires 20/40 far vision.

· Visual Color Discrimination - requires discriminating between red, green, and white.

· Hearing – requires hearing whispered voice at 8 feet (more than 75% of the time).

· Speech - frequent clear speaking ability required.

· Moderate to frequent exposure to 80-90 degree temperatures.

· Frequent exposure to stressful, crowded working conditions.

· Frequent exposure to steady equipment and personnel noise, generally below 85db.

· Slight or potential exposure to toxic and/or caustic drugs and chemicals.

· Slight or potential exposure to patients and/or staff with infections.

· Moderate exposure to injury from sharps.

Equal Opportunity Employment
We are an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, protected veteran status, national origin, genetic information or any other legally protected status.

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