NURSE MANAGER - Progressive Care & Critical Care Unit (CCU)

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Posted 1/23/2020
Account Northern Light Mercy Hospital
Location |ME| MERCY STATE STREET, ME 04101
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100 YEARS.


Beyond the doors at Mercy State Street and Mercy Fore River – and all our locations throughout greater Portland and beyond – is a story of the latest medical technology, utilized by a team of highly skilled doctors, nurses, physician assistants, therapists and support staff.

Alongside all of this expertise, the story of Mercy is a story of community health care that recognizes each patient as a whole person – body, mind and spirit. A story of quality. A story of compassion. A story of value.

The Manager of Nursing of the Progressive Care & CCU is accountable for the management and delivery of patient care and nursing practice on a designated unit or units, and is recognized as a key manager and leader within the hospital organization. The Manager of Nursing provides clinical supervision to the RN's and assisting clinical staff, facilitates the advancement of nursing practice and assumes twenty-four hour responsibility for the management of clinical operations in the unit. The incumbent performs all duties and tasks in accordance with performance standards established for the job. The incumbent may have access to highly confidential patient, employee and/or Mercy proprietary information, and must handle & protect the information in accordance with hospital & system policies, HIPAA requirements and the highest level of ethical standards. The incumbent is responsible for reporting all security events, potential events, or other security risks to the organization. The incumbent is responsible for participation in and completion of all patient safety initiatives appropriate to the position, and conducts all job responsibilities according to the Mission and Values of Mercy Hospital.


Current license to practice as a Registered Nurse in the State of Maine required.

A Bachelor's degree is strongly preferred; if not yet obtained, incumbent should be enrolled in college level courses working towards a Bachelor's degree.

Managerial or related experience highly preferred.

Demonstrated expertise in nursing practice and management. Evidence of this should include effective communication skills, ability to deal well with people, ability to problem solve, ability to appropriately confront issues, ability to motivate others as individuals and as a group, ability to plan, organize and direct the activities of others.

Principal Responsibilities:

1. Corporate Compliance

· Communicates and enforces the system-wide Corporate Compliance program for Mercy Health System of Maine.

· Reports any potential or real ethical, legal or regulatory violations to the Corporate Compliance Officer.

· Encourages staff to report Corporate Compliance issues either directly or through the Mercy Compliance Line (may be anonymous).

· Assists with investigations into alleged violations, and the development and implementation of disciplinary and/or corrective action as indicated.

· Continually assesses the department for compliance with all federal, state, local and other regulatory (The Joint Commission, OSHA, CMS etc.) requirements.

· Completes annual staff training, ensuring staff understanding of participation in the above.

2. Performance Management

· Takes responsibility for identifying own learning needs and seeks opportunities to further own professional growth.

· Demonstrates a commitment to professionalism which is reflected in his/her leadership skills, and the planning and support for the professional growth in the unit's staff.

· Incorporates the organizational mission and goals into yearly written operating goals and objectives for their unit(s), and reviews the yearly goals with their Vice President.

· Completes and administers employee performance and salary reviews in a timely, fair, and consistent manner. Conducts performance evaluation conferences that are instructive and informative, and promote interactive communication and participation.

· Provides positive and constructive feedback to staff on an ongoing basis.

· Evaluates the competency of staff and addresses defined learning needs.

· Assesses leadership development needs of Clinical Lead and plans with them to enhance and develop their management/leadership skills.

· Sets challenging goals with staff for their development, assigning clear responsibilities and accountabilities, and inspiring work efforts through personal example.

· Demonstrates a willingness to accept feedback from subordinates, peers, and supervisors, and to adjust and or improve performance or behavior; absent of defensiveness.

3. Participative Management

· Participates with other Managers and their Vice President in the hospital decision-making structures and processes.

· Exercises leadership style that promotes accountability, collaboration, consensus, and cooperation among the staff.

· Encourages staff at all levels to contribute ideas that will improve the clinical and operational performance of the unit.

· Conducts regularly scheduled staff meetings on all shifts for the timely exchange of information at the department level, and to encourage staff participation in identifying and solving workplace problems, concerns, or issues.

· May participate, at the request of the Vice President, on multi-disciplinary committees internal and external to the organization.

· Exercises patience and control, especially in difficult or stressful situations. Resolves conflict, or assists others staff members to resolve conflict, in a creative, effective, and timely manner.

· Serves as a role model in promoting positive customer relations and sensitivity to the needs and concerns of various customers (patients, families, staff, physicians, and the community).

· Effectively handles, (or works with the Clinical Nurse Lead to handle), situation involving customer complaints or policy non-compliance.

· Meets regularly with the Clinical Nurse Lead to discuss unit issues, and plans for manageable and mutually agreeable distribution of the unit's management workload.

· Works closely with Human Resources to fill unit vacancies at all staff levels in a timely manner. Participates in the interview process of new hires to the unit.

4. Quality Management

· In conjunction with the Vice President, develops programs, policies, procedures, protocols, and standards that describe the work accomplished by the unit(s).

· Implements an effective continuous quality improvement plan to measure, assess, and improve the quality of nursing care on the unit(s).

· Provides direction to staff maintaining compliance with regulations and legislation affecting the units' delivery of patient care and overall operations.

· Balances creativity and risk taking with practicality and accountability for achieving quality outcomes.

· Supports multi-disciplinary quality initiatives.

5. Operations Management

· In Collaboration with the Vice President, prepares individual unit operating and capital budgets, ensuring that they are consistent with organizational fiscal targets.

· Structures unit positions for the effective handling of work objectives within the financial parameters of the operating budget.

· Staffs the unit within budgetary targets, using a staffing plan and appropriately qualified employees.

· Allocates and delegates work effectively. Sets priorities with realistically achievable and measurable goals.

· Uses available financial information to evaluate effective adherence to budget. Plans with the Vice President to correct unfavorable budget variances in order to maintain budget objectives.

· Supports the planning and implementation of education to meet all licensing and regulatory requirements, as well as unit based staff competency requirements.

6. Change Management

· Leads initiatives on the unit to change structure, systems, skill mix, or processes to more effectively support the business strategy of the Patient Care Services division.

· Serves as a role model for change, and cooperation for orderly change expected from others.

· Maintains effective relationships and communications system wide.

· Incorporates knowledge of current issues and changes in health care into the decision making process in planning for current and future patient care delivery systems on the unit.

7. Performs additional duties as required or assigned.

Equal Opportunity Employment
We are an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, protected veteran status, national origin, genetic information or any other legally protected status.

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