LPN - Walk In Care

Job Number 69028
Posted 1/14/2020
Account Northern Light AR Gould Hospital
Department WALK-IN CARE
Location |ME| AR Gould - North Street, ME 04769
Schedule Pool/Per Diem
Shift Variable
Hours 8a-8p
Job Details

GENERAL DESCRIPTION/STATEMENT: The Licensed Practical Nurse provides primary clinical support to the provider, patient, and family members involved in the patient's care.Maintains complete and accurate documentation in the medical record to ensure continuity and quality of care.Promotes a clean and safe environment.Meets qualifications to provide care for patients within the age-specifics ranges cared for in the assigned practice setting. Collects subjective information from the patient, family, or patient representative and performs clinical interventions under the direction of a physician/ mid-level provider, while reporting to dyad leaders or clinical lead for daily operational issues. Consistently provides the highest level of patient care and supports the needs of the patient, practice, and clinical team; while maximizing patient satisfaction, providing safe and cost effective care, and performing at the highest level of their licensure.


The incumbent will possess knowledge of medical terminology and will be proficient in the utilization of computer programs necessary to perform their duties and the Electronic Health Record. Must demonstrate communication skills which provide timely, concise, and audience appropriate information, both orally and written;dependent on patient/practice needs. Displays positive work habits, productivity, and effective time management. Collaborates with a diverse teamby establishing and maintaining constructive professional relationships. Manages conflict resolution via effective communication; appropriately utilizing the Chain of Command as deemed necessary. Customer focus that demonstrates commitment to meeting and exceeding the expectations of internal and external customers.

Clinical Functions:

·Assists providers in exam procedures, etc. in a professional, safe, and competent manner; maintaining sterile technique when applicable.
  • Maintains current clinical competency, knowledge, and skills specific to the population of patients to whom care is administered.

·Demonstrates ongoing professional growth and provides documented evidence of participation in continued educational offerings.

·Collects, reviews and documents patient's current subjective health status and history. Completes initial Review of Systems consistent with reason for visit/chief complaint.
  • Is knowledgeable in the appropriate rooming and preparation of patients to be seen in the practice

·Accurately documents subjective history and complaints, vital signs, and any interventions performed in the medical record according to hospital and practice standards.

·Attains/maintains competency in point of care testing performed within the practice.

·Attains/maintains competency in interventions performed within the practice and performs these interventions according to practice policy/protocol in order to enhance efficiency. May include, but not limited to EKGs, vital signs, PPD planting, phlebotomy, simple wound care and dressing changes, suture and staple removal, respiratory function testing, ear lavage, and splinting.

·Demonstrates competency in safe medication administration; strictly adhering to the medication administration policy.

·Immunizations are scheduled, administered per CDC recommendations, and documented perpractice guidelines.

·Accepts telephone orders according to practice protocols, documents these orders utilizing read-back method to prevent error, and completes orders in a timely fashion.

·Refills medication prescriptions per office protocol or refers to Office Nurse/Clinical Coordinator as appropriate.

·Completes orders per provider direction or JPP, safely, in a time-effective manner, supported by appropriate documentation.

·Participates in maintenance of working environment (e.g., cleaning, stocking of rooms) dailyor as necessary. Maintains cleanliness of room per infection control policy.

·Identifies and documents patient(s) readiness to learn, barriers to learning, and preferred method of education. Provides educational materials based on these findings.

·Ensures that supplies and equipment inventory is adequate to meet practice needs; paying attention to integrity of equipment and expiration dating of supplies.

·Follows appropriate procedure for obtaining and returning/cleansing/disposing of equipment and supplies per infection control policy.

·Ensures all specimens are accurately labeled and processed correctly per policy.

·Reviews provider messages/desktops in a timely manner; independently completing tasks within the LPN's scope of practice and relaying relevant information to provider as appropriate.

·Demonstrates ownership and accountability of any errors by reporting to supervisor and per policy.

·Utilizes appropriate personal protective equipment as determined by the patient's clinical presentation and per infection control policy.

Administrative Functions:

·Assists administrative/office staff with sharing phone call coverage, scheduling of appointments, and making referrals as determined by the practice leadership. Is proficient in telephone messaging and documentation per policy.

·Demonstrate seffective and courteous customer, physician practice staff, and ancillary staff communication skills.

·Responds to all calls and electronic messages promptly and courteously.

·Responds to and resolves issues promptly through effective communications and refers patients to appropriate practice leadership for follow-up as appropriate.

·Accountable for adherence to TJC, OSHA, and clinic policies and procedures. Reports any noted compliance concerns within practice to appropriate leadership.

·Proactively focuses efforts and energy on successfully attaining goals and objectives to maximize patient care, health care cost containment, and practice flow

·Consistently meets customer needs by continuous professional growth, displaying competency in skills required to perform duties, and by strictly adhering to policies and procedures, compliance, and quality measures.

·Patient Confidentiality is protected at all times.

·Utilizes proper body mechanics and knowledge of ergonomics to ensure personal safety.
  • Maintains a professional demeanor both inside and outside of the workplace.

AVAILABILITYREQUIREMENTS: Variablew ork schedule, as required. Floating between departments may be requested on occasion; dependent upon staffing requirements.


Graduate of an accredited Licensed Practical Nursing Program with a current unencumbered Maine State LPN license.

Minimum requirements: High School Graduate or GED Equivalent.

One year of prior experience in an ambulatory setting preferred.

BLS for Healthcare Professional certification required (oro btained within 30 days of hire or at next available class).


This job is classified by the Dept of Labor as requiring a LIGHT level of physical effort. However, LPN assignments that involve inpatient care or direct patient care for physically or mentally disabled patients may require performing physical activities that require considerable use of your arms and legs, and moving your whole body, such as climbing, lifting, balancing,walking, stooping , and handling of materials.

1. Sitting. Up to 6 hours a day

2. Standing. Up to 6 hours a day.

3. Walking. Up to 6 hours a day.

4. Lifting/Carrying. May be required to lift 20- 50 lbs occasionally (less than 1/3 of shift), 10-25 lbs frequently (up to 2/3 ofshift), and 0-10 lbs constantly (more than 2/3 of shift).

5. Twisting. Occasionally (less than 1/3 of shift or jobcycle)

6. Bending.Occasionally (less than 1/3 of shift or job cycle).

7. Squatting/Kneeling.Rarely (less than 10% of shift or job cycle).

8. Endurance. LIGHT to MODERATE energy requirements.

9. ExtremeWrist Position. Rarely (less than 10% of shift or job cycle)..

10. Pinching. Occasionally (less than 1/3 of shift or job cycle)

11. Hand/Wrist Repetitions. Occasionally (less than 1/3 of shift or job cycle). This job is NOT classified as requiring a high level of repetitive upper extremity movement.

12. Manual Dexterity. Fine motor skills and good multilimb coordination are required.

13. Tasks Requiring Use of Either Hand or Dominant Hand. 60%- 100% of shift or job cycle time.

14. Tasks Requiring Use of Both Hands. Up to 60% of shift or job cycle time.

15. Sight. Requires corrected 20/30 near vision and minimum 20/40 corrected far vision.

16. Hearing.Must be able to recognize speech at normal tone and volume at normal conversational distance (up to 4 feet).

17. Speech.Ability to speak and be comprehended in normal conversation.

18. Exposure to Infection, radiation, electric shock or toxic or caustic chemicals: This job presents significant potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Risk of exposure to other airborne pathogens and other transmissible diseases (including potentially fatal infections) is also possible. OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard requires offer of Hepatitis B immunization if not previously immune, and Bloodborne PathogenTraining. No significant radiation exposure is anticipated under normal workingc onditions.


1. High/Low Temperature. Expected work environment is 70 - 80?F. No significant exposure to extremes of temperature, weather, humidity, or adverse atmospheric conditions is anticipated under normal work conditions.

2. Hazardous Noise. NONE anticipated under normal working conditions.

3. WorkingwithOthers. Close association is frequent and comprises a major portion of the job. This job involves frequent customer contact. It requires developing constructive and cooperative working relationships with coworkers, clients, and customers to provide personal assistance, medical attention, emotional support, or other personal care to patients and others. Appropriate communication skills are necessary.

4. ConfinedSpacesorCrampedBodyPositions.NONE is expected under normal work conditions.

5. BodilyInjuries. Likelihood of significant traumatic injury -deep cuts, fractures or permanent disabling injuries: Risk of deep cuts and/or fractures is SMALL under normal job conditions. Risk of traumatic back injury and musculoskeletal repetitive stress injury is higher than average.

6. Injury by/Exposure to MovingObjects. NONE/NEGLIGIBLE under normal working conditions.

7. ToxicConditions. NO SIGNIFICANT EXPOSURE to toxic or caustic chemicals is anticipated under normal working conditions.

8. Lack ofcontrol over pace of work: Not a significant risk factor under normal working conditions.

9. RoleAmbiguity. Slight, rarely is it not clear what others expect of the worker.

10. Irregular/extended work hours (hours over8-12/hours or shift change). Slight, rare.

11. Multi-task situations (the degree to which several tasks are being work on simultaneously in various statesof completion). Moderate,occasionally working on several tasks at once.

12. Task interruptions (the extent to which task being worked on it interrupted for other tasks). Frequent. Interruptions take place frequently, a major portion of job.


1. Problem-Solving Skills. Frequent problem-solving skills required.

2. Judgment/Assessment.Continuously assesses situations and determines corrective actions needed.

3. Supervision.This is not a supervisory position.

4. Reading/Comprehension.Must be able to read and comprehend greater than Grade 10 level of instructions. Must be able to understand common technical terms appropriate to the practiceof medicine. Must be able to read and understand institutional/departmental memoranda and follow written instructions appropriate to the functions of the position.

5. Math/Arithmetic.Must be able to add, subtract, multiply, divide, perform fractions, and calculate percentages.


1. ComposureUnderWorkingConditions(including demanding, and/or rude, resi­dents/staff/visitors). Must remain calm and exercise self-control in working relation­ships with patients, staff, and visitors.

2. CopingSkillsforStressesAssociatedwithIllness,Disability,Dyingand/orDeath. Must possess skills to cope with stresses associated with illness, disability, dying, and death. Must be able to deal with these situations responsibly, while demonstrating empathy, integrity,maturity, and concern for others

3. Abilityto make timely and appropriate decisions under pressure. Moderate, occasional instances of pressured decisions.


1. Willingness to work cooperatively is necessary.

2. Strong public relations and customer satisfaction motivation.

Equal Opportunity Employment
We are an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, protected veteran status, national origin, genetic information or any other legally protected status.

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