Job Number 68818
Posted 12/30/2019
Account Northern Light AR Gould Hospital
Department Crown Emergency Services ARG
Location |ME| AR Gould Hospital, ME 04769
Schedule Pool/Per Diem
Shift Variable
Hours 12
Job Details

GENERAL DESCRIPTION/STATEMENT: The purpose of this position is to operate emergency response vehicles and assist EMTs with patient care functions as directed and within the scope permissible by Maine EMS. The primary function isto assist with driving during routine, emergency, and critical care transport of patients to other healthcare facilities.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES: Essential duties of EMS position follow the National Scope of Practice Documents Published by the National Registry of EMTS(NREMT) which can be found at www.nremt.org.These include:

1. Performs duties using proper technique and following protocols related to BSI, infection control, OSHA, and other regulatory requirements.

2. Assisting stocking and maintenance of vehicles, including pre-trip checks to assure readiness when called.

3. Assist with moving and transferring of patients.

4. Responds promptly to requests for transfers/ calls.

5. Provide security as directed by leadership.

6. Operate the emergency vehicle safely and in control, while adhering to state laws and EMS rules

7.Meet professional standard of behavior and customer service expectations

OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: Employees must pass a physical agility test, urine drug screen, and criminal/ driving back-ground check at hire, and must report any motor vehicle violations to their supervisor and Maine EMS.

AVAILABILITYREQUIREMENTS:Will be assigned to a transfer crew; which requires shift work, weekend work, and holiday work. Individuals will be available in case extra staffing is required, including the filling of call shift hours in support of ambulance needs,consistent with the collective bargaining agreement


1. Skilled vehicle operator


1. High school diploma or equivalent preferred

2. AVOC Training or equivalent (EVOC, etc.) before completion of orientation.

3. Must meet Northern Light A.R. Gould insurability requirements.

4.BLS is required within the first week ofemployment. Employees must maintain CPR certification throughout employment when in a clinical position.

5.De-escalation and workplace violence training will be completed at hire prior to coming off orientation (Healthstream) for positions that are identified as moderate or high risk for violence, employees must complete the required Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB) program within 6 months of hire and maintain current certification throughout their employment in the high or moderate risk department


1.Willingness to work cooperatively is necessary.

2.Strong public relations and customer satisfaction motivation.

PHYSICAL DEMAND REQUIREMENTS: Northern Light A.R. Gould adheres to the National Association of EMTs Functional Job Description Requirements. This is a highstress, high pressure position that requires weekend, holiday, and rotating shift work, often in very difficult environmental situations. All employees are strongly encouraged to participate in Northern Light A.R. Gould physical wellness programs.

1. Sitting – 4-7 hours/day

2. Standing – 1-3 hours/day

3. Walking – 1-3 hours/day

4. Lifting over 125 lbs. with good body mechanics

5. Twisting frequently 500-1000 or greatertwist/day

6. Bending moderate – 130-480 bends per day (480based on 1 bend per minute)

7. Squatting/Kneeling – 1-3 hours/day; need notbe continuous

8. Endurance – Heavy energy requirements

9. Wrist position – Slight deviation of wrist

10. Pinching frequent; 500-1000 pinches or greater/day (1000 based on 2 pinch per minute)

11. Hand/Wrist Repetitions frequent; 3000-4800repetitions/day or more (4800 based on 10 repetitions per minute)

12. Manual Dexterity – gross dexterity only

13. Either handedness, 70% - 100% of job cycle time

14. Both handedness, 70%-100% of job cycle time

15. Speaking –Frequent clear speaking ability required

16. Near vision – requires very accurate near vision 20/20 and 20/40 far vision

17. Visual Color Discrimination – requires bothred/green and blue/violet discrimination

18. Visual Depth Perception – requires accurate depth perception

19. Hearing – requires hearing whispered voice at 8 feet

20. Infections – moderate exposure to infections


1. Low Temperature – moderate potential for exposure.

2. High temperature – moderate potential for exposure.

3. Infections– moderate exposure to infections.

4. Wetness– moderate exposure to wetness.

5. Slippery Surfaces – moderate exposure, especially during winter months (2- 4 hours/day)

6. Uneven Surfaces – Occasional work where surfaces are uneven (1-3 hours/day).

7. Non-ionizingRadiation (welding flash, microwaves, sunburn) – slight chance of exposure.

8. Noise– occasional exposure to voices, bells, buzzers, routine noises, and occasional loud sounds.

9. Body Injuries (exposure to circumstances which may cause minor injuries: superficialcuts, mild blows, sprains, strains, slips, etc.) – slight likelihood of minor injury.

10. Body Injuries (exposure to circumstances which may cause significant traumaticinjury: deep cuts, fractures, or permanent disabling injuries) – slight likelihood of significant traumatic injury.

11. Moving Objects (exposure to moving objects which may cause minor injuries: superficialcuts, mild blows, sprains, strains, slips, etc.) – slight likelihood of minor injury from moving objects.

12. Moving Objects (exposure to moving objects which may cause significant traumatic injury: deep cuts, fractures, or permanent disabling injuries) – slight likelihood of significant injury from moving objects.

13. Toxic Condition – slight likelihood of exposure.

14. Working with others – great, association is frequent and comprises a major portion ofthe job.

15. Lack of Control of Pace of Work – moderate, significant periods of emergency-based assignment Role Ambiguity – slight, rarely is it not clear what others expect of the staff person.

16. Irregularor extended Work Hours (the degree to which work hours exceed 24/day or hoursand shifts change) – moderate potential for extended hours.

17. Irregular or extended Work Hours (thedegree to which work hours exceed 24/day or hours and shifts change) – moderate potential for extended hours.


1. Composure under Working Conditions (includes demanding, rude, and/or violentresidents/staff/visitors) – must remain calm and exercise self-control in working relationships with residents, staff, and visitors.

2. Highly stressful situations are encountered daily.

Equal Opportunity Employment
We are an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, protected veteran status, national origin, genetic information or any other legally protected status.

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