Job Number 68768
Posted 1/14/2020
Account Northern Light Mercy Hospital
Location |ME| MERCY STATE STREET, ME 04101
Schedule Pool/Per Diem
Shift Variable
Hours 8 - 5
Job Details Previous IP acute care experience preferred. Flexibility with schedule for weekday, weekend and late day coverage as needed

Job Summary:

Under the guidance of the Physical Rehabilitation Supervisor, the Physical Therapist performs evaluations, plans and implements physical rehabilitative treatment using physical agents and therapeutic exercise on adolescent/adult through geriatric patients. This done upon physician referrals and in accordance with department protocols. The incumbent performs duties and tasks in accordance with standards established for the job. The incumbent may have access to highly confidential patient, employee and/or Mercy proprietary information, and must handle & protect the information in accordance with hospital & system policies, HIPAA requirements and the highest level of ethical standards. The incumbent is responsible for reporting all security events, potential events, or other security risks to the organization. The incumbent is responsible for participation in and completion of all patient safety initiatives appropriate to the position, and conducts all job responsibilities according to the Mission and Values of Mercy Hospital.


State of Maine license as Physical Therapist and registration with State of Maine Board of Examiners is required. Graduate Physical Therapists require Supervisor's Affidavit approved by the State of Maine Board of Examiners. Healthcare Provider/Professional Rescuer certification within 90 days of hire is required. Education enabling State of Maine license as Physical Therapist and registration with State of Maine Board of Examiners is required. Must act independently and use initiative and judgment to handle a multiple caseload while treating patients in various levels of physical ability. The incumbent must have the judgment and flexibility to deal professionally with differing physician treatment ideologies. Must have a high level of analytical and problem solving skills to gather and evaluate data, develop and manage treatment.

Principal Responsibilities:

1. Patient Assessment – The Physical Therapist will complete an initial evaluation which includes the physical, functional and social needs within 24 hours for IP and 3 working days for OP.

· Selects and performs appropriate evaluative methods relevant to the chief complaint and patient history

· Recognizes need for potential involvement with other disciplines and seeks to obtain referral from physician

· Recognizes inappropriate referral and seeks to have therapy discontinued

· Identifies pertinent physical therapy problems

· Assessment includes rehab potential and discharge planning

· Completes re-assessments as changes in the patients condition warrants or upon discharge per department standards

2. Plan of Care – Designs a plan of care based on identified therapy problems and individual patient need

· Develops appropriate, realistic time based goals for the identified therapy problems. Plan of care is individualized and reflects goals identified by the patient/family

· Selects appropriate treatment methods to achieve goals

· Participates in multidisciplinary Focus of Care Rounds and/or patient/team conferences to support the plan of care

· Modifies the plan of care when needed according to patient response and changing needs

· Re-evaluates according to time based goals per department standards

3. Implementation of Treatment Interventions – Demonstrates ability to rely upon one's own skill and experiences to carry out appropriate interventions consistent with the plan of care.

· Demonstrates competency with the implementation of clinical skills and treatment procedures per department skills list

· Maintains a safe and therapeutic environment utilizing principles of infection control, patient safety and safe operation of equipment

· Notifies physician and/or other health professionals of the patient's progress or changes in condition

· Conducts patient/family teaching based upon identified needs

· Provides written instructions to patient/family upon discharge

· Recognizes when patient has reached optimal benefits and seeks to the therapy discontinued

· Recognizes and assures that discharge planning needs are met

4. Job Management – Demonstrates the ability to manage a typical patient volume during regular work hours.

· Effectively prioritizes caseload in order to accomplish all necessary tasks within normal working day

· Demonstrates ability to maintain the expected level of productivity per the department standards

· Accurately completes stats sheets and charges at the end of each day

· Delegates appropriate tasks to assistants, aides or volunteers as indicated

5. Documentation – Documents the initial assessment plan of care progress notes and discharge status in a timely manner which includes the following:

· Subjective findings

· Objective findings

· Therapy assessment

· Therapy problem list

· Goals

· Plan of care

· Discharge disposition

· Daily progress notes

· Re-evaluation

· Revised Goals/Plan

· Patient education

· Understanding of education

· Referrals to other disciplines as needed

· Discharge planning

· Discharge documentation

· All documentation to have signature, time and designation of therapist

6. Team Skills – Works with other members of the healthcare team to achieve positive outcomes; recognizes the interdependence of one another and each person's unique gifts in the ability to deliver services necessary for excellent health care. Expresses self in a positive manner, which is easily understood by others. Adapts to changes; shows ability to modify behavior in a changing environment.

· Demonstrates insight of impact own behavior has on others

· Seeks the input of group members and participates in group decisions

· Demonstrates respect for the opinions and ideas of others

· Keeps others informed and up-to-date

· Expresses concerns in a timely and appropriate manner

· Realizes limitations and seeks assistance when appropriate

· Demonstrates accountability and responsibility for actions and is able to accept constructive criticism

· Assumes leadership role as appropriate

7. Professional Practice/Leadership – Demonstrates responsibility for identifying own learning needs. Participates in the development of others, promoting professional communications and demonstrating leadership qualities.

· Meets yearly requirements for continuing education per department standard

· Attends Department staff meetings (takes responsibility to review minutes when not present).

· Open to participating in additional tasks for self-growth. Plan and implement self objectives

· Participates in the departments peer review process and any other quality improvements indicators as assigned

· Accepts schedule changes and department changes openly – shift priorities to match department priorities

· Participates in student program by completing the assigned number of students per year with satisfactory CI evaluation

· Volunteers for special projects related to Physical Therapy in the department and/or community

· Participates in hospital-wide committees and/or activities

· Expands knowledge and skills to effectively treat patient on any rotation

· Is a resource to other staff members in their area of expertise

· Provides in-service on any working education course attended during year

· Participates in the orientation of new employees

· Participates in program development

· Actively involved in professional organization

8. Performs additional duties as required or assigned.

Equal Opportunity Employment
We are an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, protected veteran status, national origin, genetic information or any other legally protected status.

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