Job Number 68708
Posted 12/16/2019
Account Northern Light AR Gould Hospital
Department Physical Therapy ARG
Location |ME| AR Gould Hospital, ME 04769
Schedule Pool/Per Diem
Shift Variable

GENERALDESCRIPTION/STATEMENT: A physical therapist (PT) aide is responsible for providing support for physical therapy services to patients throughout A.R.Gould's acute care floors, Acute Rehab, swing beds, skilled nursing floors,long term care floors, outpatients at ARG & AHC. PT Aides are to followstrict guidelines and instruction from the professional staff. Their role is to support and augment treatment with the therapist, assistants or nursing staff. Their role is primarily as set-up, clean-up and general physical support in the provision of care to patients. Aides may be asked to set-up and construct assistive devices for use with patients such as platform walkers etc.


1. Assist therapy staff in the day to day care of patients.

2. Ensure that the department, clinical areas and equipment are cleaned within specified guidelines

3. Participates in ensuring equipment is clean,free of tears sterilized and preventative

maintenance is kept up.

4.Attends staff meetings and other meetings as appropriate and requested by therapy staff and deemed necessary by management.

5. Assists with daily charge and charge reconciliation for PT/OT/SLP services.

6. Assist in scheduling OP as requested.

7. Monitors own performance and identifies own supervisory needs

OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: Performs other work related duties asassigned.

LICENSE REQUIREMENTS: None required exercise science degree preferred

AVAILABILITYREQUIREMENTS: Typically Monday through Friday 8 hour shifts within the hours of 7-4:30, weekend rotation to cover to assist in patient care and other shifts as assigned.


1. None required but experience in the health care setting preferred (CNA, MA, ATC)

2. BLS is required within the first week ofemployment. Employees must maintain CPR certification throughout employment when in a clinical position.

3. De-escalation and workplace violence training will be completed at hire prior to release from orientation.


1. Sitting. 1-3 hours/day.

2. Standing. 4-7 hours/day.

3. Walking. 1-3 hours/day

4. Lifting. 50 or more lbs with good body mechanics.

5. Twisting. Frequent.

6. Bending. Frequent.

7. Squatting/Kneeling. 1-3hours/day.

8. Endurance. Heavy 7-9 METS.

9. Wrist Position. Extensive radial & ulna deviation.

10. Pinching. Frequent.

11. Hand/Wrist Repetitions. Frequent.

12. Manual Dexterity. Frequent fine motor skills required.

13. Either Handedness. 70%- 100% of job cycle time.

14. Both Handednesses. 70%-100% of job cycle time.

15. Sight.Requires corrected 20/20 near vision and minimal far vision.

16. Hearing.Can hear whispered voice at eight (8) feet (FAA class II).

17. Speech.Frequent clear speaking ability required.

18. Exposure to Infection. Moderate.


1. High/Low Temperature. Work environment 70 - 80?F.

2. Noise.Slight, occasionally fairly loud sounds.

3. WorkingwithOthers. Close association is frequent and compromises a major portion of the job.

4. ConfinedSpacesorCrampedBodyPositions.Work in cramped positions/confined spaces (up to 2-3 hours per week).

5. BodyInjuries. Slight likelihood of significant traumatic injury - deep cuts, fractures or permanent disabling injuries.

6. MovingObjects. Slight likelihood of significant injury from moving objects.

7. ToxicConditions. Slight likelihood of exposure to toxic conditions.

8. WorkingwithOthers. Great, association is frequent and comprises a major portion of the job.

9. RoleAmbiguity. Slight, rarely is it not clear what others expect of the worker.


1. Problem-Solving Skills. A moderate to high level of problem-solving skills required.

2. Judgment/Assessment.Continuously assesses situations and determines corrective actions needed.

3. Supervision.Minimal.

4. Reading/Comprehension.Must be able to read and comprehend greater than Grade 10th level ofinstructions.

5. Math/Arithmetic.Must be able to add, subtract, multiply, divide, perform fractions, and calculate percentages.


1. ComposureUnderWorkingConditions(including demanding, and/or rude, resi­dents/staff/visitors). Must remain calm and exercise self-control inworking relation­ships with patients, staff, and visitors.

2. CopingSkillsforStressAssociatedwithIllness,Disability,Dyingand/orDeath. Works directly with persons who are or may become ill, disabled, or dying on a regular basis; may be present at the deathbed; must possess skills to cope with stress associated with illness, disability,dying, and death.


1. Willingness to work cooperatively is necessary.

2. Strong public relations and customer satisfaction motivation.

Equal Opportunity Employment
We are an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, protected veteran status, national origin, genetic information or any other legally protected status.

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