Patient Registration Rep

Job Number 67566
Posted 11/5/2019
Account Northern Light Mercy Hospital
Location |ME| MERCY STATE STREET, ME 04101
Schedule Regular Full-time
Shift Variable
Hours Variable
Job Details Under the general supervision of the Supervisor and/or Manager Patient Access, the Patient Registration Representative serves as the initial contact with patients from infant to geriatric ages and arranges for their orderly registration/admission. The incumbent obtains and collects accurate patient information and ensures patients are aware of hospital policies and procedures. The incumbent performs duties and tasks in accordance with standards established for the job. The incumbent may have access to highly confidential patient, employee and/or Mercy proprietary information, and must handle & protect the information in accordance with hospital & system policies, HIPAA requirements and the highest level of ethical standards. The incumbent is responsible for reporting all security events, potential events, or other security risks to the organization. The incumbent is responsible for participation in and completion of all patient safety initiatives appropriate to the position, and conducts all job responsibilities according to the Mission and Values of Mercy Hospital.

A High School Diploma or GED is required. Post-secondary education and training in healthcare fields preferred.

Two (2) years experience in customer service relate jobs required.

Two (2) years experience with computers and strong typing skills are required.

Skills in Meditech applications are desired. Medical terminology training is preferred. Experience in a healthcare setting with customer service/admission experience is preferred. Must have good interpersonal skills as the incumbent is the initial hospital contact for patient and must communicate effectively to obtain information while keeping the patient at ease. Must be able to operate independently and accomplish all registration duties with only general guidance from the Supervisor/Manager. Must be accountable for the accuracy of information obtained and expeditious patient service. The incumbent has access to highly confidential patient information.

1. Maintains strict confidentiality on every patient, medical record or report.

· Discusses only appropriate patient information in public and private areas protecting the confidentiality and dignity of all patients, by actions and words.

· Releases only appropriate patient information over the telephone providing for the balance between guest services and confidentiality for all patients.

· Maintains record confidentiality for all patients.

· Maintains record confidentiality by sending all internal and external written patient information in sealed envelopes to other departments.

· Follows hospital policy on release of information regarding all information for the patient admitted for psychiatric, drug rehabilitation, or other.

2. Provides excellent guest relation services to all patients, family, and visitors.

· Meets and greets every guest with an immediate smile, eye contact, proper body language, and appropriate greeting.

· Wears ID badge at all times at eye level with name fully visible and communicates with guests at their level of understanding.

· Answers phones with a pleasant voice in a timely manner and transfers calls according to department policy.

· When placing calls on hold, follow policy, returning to the caller at regular intervals, to ensure excellent communication.

· Takes and forwards messages to appropriate personnel as needed.

· Follows through to ensure all guest requests are either fulfilled or are responded to in a manner satisfactory to the guest.

· Knows the location of registration for all services provided and is able to direct guests appropriately.

· Knows the location of all related offices.

· Assertively responds to all complaints and forwards information to the correct department or person.

· Exhibits a positive attitude, having a perceived pleasant and tactful style, providing assistance willingly to all guests, enhancing their visit.

3. Shows ability to prioritize and complete registrations in all registration areas and shifts in an accurate and timely manner.

100% accuracy is the threshold for achieving the following:

· Ensures each patient is assigned only one Medical Record Number.

· Selects appropriate patient type, based on the department and service required.

· Obtains and inputs complete and accurate:

a) Patient demographic information, including verification of existing information of both home and employment.

b) Admitting and/or working diagnosis.

c) Accident information.

· Obtains proper consent for treatment from patient, or documents how consent was obtained or not obtained from responsible parties.

· Obtains Assignment of Benefits from patients, or documents how consent was obtained or not obtained.

· Obtains documentation of receipt of "Important Message from Medicare/Champva" as necessary for any patient in a bed.

· Dispositions/Discharges patient according to current policy.

· Ensures all patients are registered in a timely manner, prioritizing registrations during periods of high volume.

95% accuracy is the threshold for achieving the following:

· Obtains and enters correct insurance information, including obtaining referrals for managed care.

· Enters all other data as required by the registration area for proper reporting and documentation at the time of registration.

4. Complies and completes census information in a timely and accurate manner.

· Completes inpatient census per policy.

· Performs shift/daily counts and tallies as needed for QA, productivity and other departmental indicators, and provides information to appropriate people.

· Reviews and updates bed tracking system for accuracy on a daily basis.

· Files all paperwork in correct locations.

5. Accepts admissions from authorized personnel and provides bed placement of patient to the appropriate nursing unit.

· Accepts reservations from all ancillary departments.

· Determines most appropriate unit, considering patient's condition, developmental and age related needs and any other factors re: patient care.

· Contacts coordinator of patient care to establish bed appropriate and timely reservations for all patients.

· Communicated bed availability to all registration and ancillary departments in a timely manner.

· Makes every effort to maintain optimal departmental census for nursing units within budgetary constraints.

6. Completes and indicated Death Notification and Autopsy Consents.

· Initiates the correct paperwork following the notification of a death.

· Interviews the family, with compassion, in a dignified manner, expressing sympathy.

· Obtains necessary signatures when an autopsy is requested.

· Notifies Pathology that the autopsy form has been completed.

7. Performs cashiering functions as needed.

· Accepts payment and issues receipts for all guests, wishing to make a payment, during all hours for private rooms, cosmetic surgeries, and other charges.

· Communicates significant patient accounts information to PA, either through the computer or by telephone.

· Accurately labels receipt envelopes and submits to cashier via lock box.

· Ensures safe keeping of all cash, checks, and charges received.

8. Remains updated on all policies and procedures.

· Adheres to and demonstrates awareness of procedures.

· Refers to policy manuals, operations, and reference material and assists peers in interpretation.

· Maintains open attitude towards management for updating and corrections.

· No unnecessary tardiness.

· Consistently maintains a good attendance status.

· Follows dress code policy and wears ID badge at all times when on duty.

· Adapts to flexibility to scheduling decisions and changes to meet staffing needs.

· Attends at least eight staff meetings and covers the department when scheduled.

· Demonstrates basic operational skill for telephone, faxes, photocopies, printers, and information systems.

· Demonstrates basic inventory knowledge to make sure department is adequately supplied.

9. Actively participates in the departments Quality Improvement Programs.

· Participates actively in departmental meetings.

· Participates in all hospital-wide inservices and training programs offered.

· Attends all mandatory-training sessions.

· Participates in departmental activity based management activities.

· Reports completely and accurately any incident that may warrant review by Risk Manager.

· Consistently and accurately records any requested quality data and reports this information in a timely manner.

· Consistently maintains departmental standards for quality of personal work.

10. Manages workloads and assures completion of various work functions.

· Review pending work and communicates unresolved issues with peers prior to breaks or end of shift.

· Utilizes manual and/or computer reports to review for pending or incomplete work.

· Resolves or refers for resolution all identified workload issues.

11. Takes initiative for personal and team professional growth and development.

· Provides orientation and training to primary job functions to new peers and associates.

· Provides any orientation and training feedback in a confidential manner.

· Attends and self document participation in staff meetings.

· Attends and self documents four annual continuing education programs.

· Acquires skills and knowledge regarding new policies and procedures within the designated time frames.

· Communicates consistently with tact and sensitivity with all patients, visitors, coworkers, and other hospital personnel.

· Performs all other duties as assigned to promote efficient and effective operations for each.

· Has working knowledge of the hospital fire, disaster, safety and infection control programs.

· Demonstrates behavior that effectively promotes the Mercy Hospital's Mission and Values.

Interacts with each person/age group, attending to their various developmental needs

Equal Opportunity Employment
We are an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, protected veteran status, national origin, genetic information or any other legally protected status.

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