ORA/Anesthesia Technician

Job Number 66197
Posted 8/29/2019
Account Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital
Department Anesthesia
Location |ME| Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital, ME 04605
Job Details

POSITION SUMMARY: The ORA/Anesthesia Tech will work closely with the CRNA's and Anesthesiologist to ensure patient care needs are met. Responsible for maintaining a clean environment, ensuring patient safety during transport, and ensuring the availability of appropriate supplies necessary to meet the patient care needs.

EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: High School Diploma orEquivalent Required. Knowledge of the operating Room environment required.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Visualacuity, color vision, hearing acuity, and tactile sensation are necessary tohear responses and requests and to identify supplies and equipment. Theability to read English, manual dexterity, visual acuity, and color vision are requiredto check for outdates and to locate appropriate supplies and equipment.The ORA/Anesthesia Technician must possess the degree of total body strengthand flexibility to move supplies and equipment. The ORA/Anesthesiatechnician must be able to lift up to 30 pounds and to assist with a total liftof a 200+ pound patient with other health care workers. Must possess ahigh degree of body strength and flexibility to assist in patient positioningand cleaning responsibilities. Tables, stools and equipment are movedseveral times a day to accommodate cases. Portable O2 tanks in holdersare lifted from the floor onto stretchers. The ORA/Anesthesia Technicianmust be able to stretch, reach and bend. The ORA/Anesthesia Technicianmust possess the respiratory volumes and upper body strength to performCPR. Standing or walking comprises 95% of the ORA/Anesthesia Technician'sworkday. 5% of the time may be sitting or collaborating with other healthteam members. Job involves: Small amount of sitting. Moderateamount of stooping and pushing. Large amount of standing, reaching,bending, lifting, manual dexterity, visual acuity, color vision and walking.

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