Wound Ostomy Specialist/RN

Job Number 66175
Posted 8/28/2019
Account Northern Light AR Gould Hospital
Department General and Vascular Surgical Services
Location |ME| AR Gould Hospital, ME 04769
Schedule Regular Part-time
Shift Day
Hours 8-1230
Job Details GENERAL DESCRIPTION/STATEMENT: The Wound & Ostomy Specialist is responsible for leading safe, efficient Wound and Ostomy Care (WOC) to patients of the Aroostook Medical Center.

A wound care nurse primarily evaluates and manages patients with wounds caused by disease, accidents, or surgical incisions. They also work with medical teams to assess and monitor and monitor a patient's progress during the healing phase. The wound care nurse is responsible to educate patients on how to care for their wounds outside of the medical office. A wound care nurse will also treat any skin infections or conditions as directed by the attending physician.

The overall purpose of the WOC nurse is to provide consultation and assistance to the nursing and CNA staff to reach and maintain the goal of zero facility acquired pressure ulcers and exceptional wound healing. He/She accomplishes these goals through teaching, training, and administering wound treatments in both the office and hospital settings, as prescribed by the attending physician, and documentation, consistent with accepted standards of care and within the scope of licensure. He/She also provides direct care and assigns wound care duties to staff nurses and or nursing aides as appropriate.

The WOC Nurse will also assist in evaluating and modifying the treatment regimen to meet the physical and psychosocial needs of the resident, in accordance with established medical and clinical practices along with State and Federal regulation and policies and procedures of the facility. He/She is responsible for identifying patients at high risk for skin breakdown, and participating in daily rounding.

He/She will report directly to the Practice Manager for General and Vascular Surgical Services, Director Surgical Specialists, VP TAMC Medical Group with a dotted line to the Vice President of Clinical Services for inpatient issues.


1. Observes, assesses and reports patient condition/changes, and documentation.

2. Performs skin assessments and treatments on patients with pressure, stasis, venous, arterial, diabetic ulcers and other wound needs.

3. Completes pressure ulcer risk assessment upon admission/re-admission weekly as requested by the nursing staff or provider.

4. Implements interventions according to residents risk factors for developing pressure ulcers and teaches staff, patients and family in the importance of the interventions.

5. Implement and maintain established policies and procedures relative to skin management and interpret them for physician, staff, resident patients, office patients, family members and the public as appropriate.

6. Provides consultation to nursing staff and medical staff regarding pressure ulcer risk issues, interventions and wound care needs.

7. Prepare and administer treatments as per physicians' orders and clinical practice guidelines.

8. Receives, transcribes, and executes physician orders.

9. Manages skin tears, surgical wounds, etc as requested by the medical or nursing staff.

10. Completes detailed documentation to include measurements per facility policies and procedures.

11. Confers with the interdisciplinary team (IDT) regarding assessment evaluations and assist in planning and developing an individualized care plan for high risk patients. Attends daily IDT meetings.

12. Assures, maintains and implements care plans, as it relates to wound care, pertaining to skin integrity and pressure ulcer prevention.

13. Prepares a weekly report for both pressure ulcers and non-pressure skin issues for review by leadership.

14. Notifies providers and charge nurses of new skin issues, obtain treatment orders, adverse changes in wounds, need for different treatments, etc.

15. Administers treatments as prescribed adhering to Infection Control principles and assists with Infection Control Surveillance.

16. Monitors functions and activities of subordinate staff.

17. Provide two day orientation for all newly hired hospital nurses.

18. Support vascular surgeon office practice as directed by surgeon.

19. Assists with surgical office procedures as needed.

20. Assists with scheduling of patients as requested.

21. Maintains a safe and clean environment for patient care.

22. Provides outreach services as scheduled.


1. Communicates appropriate patient information with verbal, telephone or written reports. All communication documented in the patient's medical record.

2. Performs other work related duties assigned.


1. Current Maine State Board of Nursing RN license.

2. Eligible for WOCN or WCC Certification.


Variable work schedule as required, to include scheduled and unscheduled daily rounding on inpatient units, office practice, and consultations with long term care facility as requested. Work locations to include, office, inpatient units, and off site locations as assigned.


1. Current valid RN license

2. Current CPR certification

3. Maintains all other certifications as appropriate

4. Good interpersonal skills – with English literacy

5. Basic computer skills preferred

6. Comfort interpreting and implementing research into practice


This job is classified by the Dept of Labor as requiring a LIGHT level of physical effort.

1. Sitting. Up to 6 hours a day

2. Standing. Up to 6 hours a day.

3. Walking. Up to 4 hours a day.

4. Lifting/Carrying. May be required to lift up to 20 lbs occasionally (less than 1/3 of shift or job cycle), and 0-10 lbs frequently (up to 2/3 of shift or job cycle).

5. Twisting. Occasionally (less than 1/3 of shift or job cycle)

6. Bending. Occasionally (less than 1/3 of shift or job cycle).

7. Squatting/Kneeling. Rarely (less than 10% of shift or job cycle)

8. Endurance. LIGHT energy requirements.

9. Extreme Wrist Position. Rarely (less than 10% of shift or job cycle).

10. Pinching. Occasionally (less than 1/3 of shift or job cycle)

11. Hand/Wrist Repetitions. Occasionally (less than 1/3 of shift or job cycle). This job is NOT classified as a requiring a high level of repetitive upper extremity movement.

12. Manual Dexterity. Frequent fine motor skills required.

13. Tasks Requiring Use of Either Hand or Dominant Hand. 60%- 100% of shift or job cycle time.

14. Tasks Requiring Use of Both Hands. Up to 40% of shift or job cycle time.

15. Sight. Requires minimum of corrected 20/20 near vision and minimum 20/40 corrected far vision.

16. Hearing. Must be able to recognize speech at normal tone and volume at normal conversational distance (18 inches to 4 feet).

17. Speech. Ability to speak and be comprehended in normal conversation.

18. Minimal exposure to infection.


1. High/Low Temperature. Expected work environment is 70 - 80?F. No significant exposure to extremes of temperature, weather, humidity, or adverse atmospheric conditions is anticipated under normal work conditions.

2. Hazardous Noise. NONE anticipated under normal working conditions.

3. ConfinedSpacesorCrampedBodyPositions. NONE is expected under normal work conditions.

4. BodyInjuries. Likelihood of significant traumatic injury - deep cuts, fractures or permanent disabling injuries. NONE/ NEGLIGIBLE under normal job conditions. Risk of needle puncture injury and/or hand laceration including disabling injury to the hand(s) is small, but significant.

5. Injury by/Exposure to MovingObjects. NONE/NEGLIGIBLE under normal working conditions

6. ToxicConditions. NO SIGNIFICANT EXPOSURE to toxic or caustic chemicals is anticipated under normal working conditions.

7. WorkingwithOthers. This job involves developing constructive and cooperative

working relationships with coworkers, clients, and customers to provide personal assistance, medical attention, emotional support, or other personal care to patients and others. It may also involve coordinating, training, supervising, or managing the activities of others to accomplish goals. Advanced communication and organizational skills are required.

8. RoleAmbiguity. Slight. Rarely is it not clear what others expect of the worker.


1. Problem-Solving Skills. Frequent problem-solving skills required.

2. Judgment/Assessment. Continuously assesses situations and determines corrective actions needed. Able to assess the value, importance, and consequence of alternatives, and exercise good judgment in selecting among options or outcomes.

3. Supervision. Occasionally may supervise individuals and must perform functions involved with supervi­sion of employees in the particular department.

4. Reading/Comprehension. Must be able to demonstrate a high level of competence in reading and comprehending a wide variety of written matter, including technical language appropriate to the practice of medicine. Must be able to read and interpret journal articles and professional publications appropriate to the position.

5. Math/Arithmetic. Must be able to add, subtract, multiply, divide, perform fractions, and calculate percentages.


1. ComposureUnderWorkingConditions (including demanding, and/or rude, resi­dents/staff/visitors). Must remain calm and exercise self-control in working relation­ships with patients, staff, and visitors.

2. CopingSkillsforStressesAssociatedwithIllness,Disability,Dyingand/orDeath. Must possess skills to cope with stresses associated with illness, disability, dying, and death, and be able to deal with these situations responsibly, while demonstrating empathy, integrity, maturity, and concern for others

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We are an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, protected veteran status, national origin, genetic information or any other legally protected status.

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