Medical Dosimetrist

Job Number 62397
Posted 10/23/2019
Account Northern Light AR Gould Hospital
Department Aroostook Cancer Care
Location |ME| AR Gould Hospital, ME 04769
Schedule Regular Full-time
Shift Day
Hours 0700-1530

The Medical Dosimetrist is a member of the radiation oncology team who has knowledge of the overall characteristics and clinical relevance of radiation oncology treatment machines and equipment, and has the education and expertise necessary to generate radiation dose distributions and dose calculations in collaboration with the Medical Physicist and Radiation Oncologist.


The Medical Dosimetrist performs treatment planning. In treatment planning, the Dosimetrist produces calculations for the accurate delivery of the Radiation Oncologist's prescribed dose, documents pertinent information in the patient record, and verifies the mathematical accuracy of all calculations using a system established by the Medical Physicist. Also, to be performed, or provide assistance with, is the application of specific methods of radiation measurement including ion chamber, thermoluminescent dosimeters(TLD), diodes, MOSFETs or film measurement as directed by the Medical Physicist. Another area of responsibility that the dosimetrist may be involved with, is giving technical and physics support to the Medical Physicist; this support could be in radiation protection, quantitative machine calibrations, and quality assurance of the radiation oncology equipment.Also, dosimetrists often take on the role of educator in rotations of radiation oncology residents, radiation therapy students or medical dosimetry students.

The Dosimetrist will perform treatment planning for external beam modalities including 3D conformal and IMRT, SBRT and SRS. The Dosimetrist may be asked to assist in IMRT quality control measures.


1.Current registration by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists in radiation Therapy (T).

2.Current licensure by the State of Maine as required by the Medical Radiation Health and Safety Act.


Eight hours per day beginning and ending on a rotational basis.


Must be proficient in all assigned aspects of radiation oncology and radiation protection. Two to five years of experience is preferred but not necessary.


High school graduate or equivalent. Satisfactory completion of formal radiation oncology training in an AMA approved program and the ability to meet the requirements for registry by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists in Radiation Oncology.


Respect for fellow employees and supervisors; integrity and ethical behavior; service quality aimed at customers, physicians, and patients; and excellence in achieving higher performance standards. Willingness to compromise and to work co-operatively.


1.Sitting 1-3hours/day

2.Standing 4-7hours/day

3.Walking 4-7hours/day

4.Lifting over 50lbs with good body mechanics or 25-50 lbs with improper body mechanics

5.Twisting,moderate, 130-480 twists/day

6.Bending,moderate, 130-480 bends/day

7.Squatting/kneeling1-3 hours/day, need not be continuous

8.Endurance,moderate energy requirements

9.Slight deviation of the wrist

10.Pinching,infrequent, 1-120 pinches/day

11.Hand/wrist repetitions, infrequent, 1-960/day

12.Manual dexterity,frequent fine motor skills required

13.Right and left handedness 40-60% of job cycle time

14.Accurate near and far vision required

15.Visual color discrimination required both red/green and blue/violet discrimination

16.Accurate visual depth perception required

17.Hearing requires hearing whispered voice at 20 feet

18.Moderate exposure to infections

19.Frequent, clear speaking ability required

Equal Opportunity Employment
We are an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, protected veteran status, national origin, genetic information or any other legally protected status.

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