Registered Nurse, Pediatric Care Coordinator, Maine Coast Family Practice- Information Only Post!

Job Number 58369
Posted 10/12/2018
Account Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital
Department Maine Coast Pediatrics
Location |ME| Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital, ME 04605
Job Details This is a Northern Light Beacon Health position located at the Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital Primary Care Practices in Ellsworth, ME

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Oversee clinical care of Pediatric outpatients with chronic disease and chronic disorders. Serves in an expanded nursing role to collaborate with the Medical Team to provide a model of care that ensures the delivery of quality, efficient, and cost effective healthcare services. Integrates evidence based clinical guidelines, preventive guidelines, protocols, and other metrics in the development of treatment plans that are patient-centric, promoting quality and efficiency in the delivery of healthcare. Reports to: Regional Manager, Care Coordination for Northern Light Beacon Health.
• Assessment and management of the pediatric population surrounding the care across the continuum for pediatric chronic disorders/anomalies and chronic disease
• Complete needs assessment with the development, implementation and evaluation of care plans that involve and meet the needs of the child, parents, guardians, family and/or support system involved in the care of the patient
• Maintain knowledge of the pediatric stages of growth and development, incorporating this knowledge into the care and the development of each care plan.
• Maintain knowledge in pediatric nursing
• Monitor patient progress and promote early intervention in acute care situations
• Works with the primary care provider to ensure appropriate standing orders for acute exacerbation management.
• Collaborate and work closely with pediatricians, pediatric specialty, pediatric support services and community resources to support and coordinate needed care
• Provide regular progress updates to PCP and other members of the care team.
• Implement monitoring systems for high-risk member to prevent and/or intervene early during acute exacerbations.
• Continuously evaluate laboratory results, diagnostic tests, utilization patterns and other metrics to monitor quality and efficiency results for assigned population.
• Manage utilization and practice metrics to refine the delivery of care model to maximize clinical, quality and fiscal outcomes for the population
• Provide safe transition of care across the continuum of care
• Provide patient/family education
• Promote patient independence and self-management
• Demonstrate autonomy being accountable for their practice
• Demonstrate the ability to negotiate and influence individual and group decision- making.
• Adapt to a fluid, dynamic and rapidly changing environment.
• Demonstrate leadership qualities in the areas of time management, problem solving, decision making, priority setting, delegation, organization, written/verbal communication and listening skills.
• Work with Beacon Health leadership in the design, implementation and evaluation of the Medical Home care model.
• Collaborate with the Transitional Care Coordinators to ensure smooth process in place when movement between settings occurs.
• Work closely with the Providers of Targeted Case Management (TCM) services for children with chronic health conditions (MGM Chapter II, Section 13).
• Other responsibilities as assigned
• Needs to be professional as well as knowledgeable, responsible, and accountable to manage patient care over the continuum and to assist in improving quality, cost, and patient/service satisfaction outcomes.
• Will be responsible for the assessment, planning and implementation process for a select group of patients in the outpatient setting.
• Must be organized with the ability to self-motivate and prioritize a variety of duties.
• Proficient in computer literacy including but not limited to the electronic medical record, electronic data entry, retrieval and report generation.
• Ability to work effectively with clinical and non-clinical staff
• Demonstrates excellent communication skills.
• Demonstrates the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
• Ability to motivate others
• Ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences
• Ability to openly address and acknowledge observed issues and concerns
• Demonstrates proficiency in basic computer skills, including accurate keyboard entry of data into relevant computer based databases and spreadsheets,
• Attention to detail, and ability to be flexible in performing a variety of tasks.
• Demonstrated ability to complete projects within designated timelines and the ability to prioritize duties is required.
• Demonstrates proficiency with Microsoft Word and Windows & Excel, and the ability to learn various system software.
• Demonstrates ability to use basic office equipment, computer, fax machine, copier, calculator, etc.
• Registered Nurse with three to five years of recent (within the last 3 years) acute care experience or relevant experience required. Licensed at an RN level by the State of Maine Board of Nursing, or license eligible.
• Pediatric nursing experience required.
• Bachelor's degree in Nursing preferred
• Three to five years of recent (within the last 3 years) acute care experience or relevant experience required. Knowledge of the basic principles of care management and care coordination required.
• BLS Certification.
• Experience in care management/care coordination to include care planning, resource management, and utilization management desired. Prior experience in Primary Care setting desired.
Flexibility, dexterity, visual acuity, hearing acuity. Able to work sitting at work station, using a keyboard, working in front of a video display monitor and answering the phone most of the day. Moderate walking throughout the facility. Light lifting of files and manuals, some bending to file.
Office environment, well-heated and well-ventilated. Ergonomically correct work station.

Equal Opportunity Employment
We are an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, protected veteran status, national origin, genetic information or any other legally protected status.